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Breathtaking Stories of the Profound Will to Survive When, In an Instant,

You are Staring Death in the Face


Two-Hour Docudrama Series Premieres March 6


A grizzly bear attack; a bridge collapse; a plane crash… It can happen anywhere at any time — in an instant, life can change forever and that moment will define who you are. “Moment of Truth” does more than just re-tell heart pounding first-person accounts of the world’s most harrowing tales of survival; it brings them to life with breathtaking dramatizations of the moment before and after life was forever changed. The powerful new series features the trials and triumphs from every angle, and includes gripping first person interviews with the people who lived to tell their stories – and those who were instrumental in helping them survive. Ordinary people who have watched their lives flash before their eyes, stared certain death in the face and overcame it. What key decisions did they make to save their lives? “Moment of Truth,” when it is between life and death – and life wins, premieres on FRIDAY, MARCH 6 (9:00–11:00 p.m., ET) and then moves to its regular timeslot on SATURDAY, MARCH 7 (9:00–11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.


“Saturday nights are the perfect time to sit on the edge of your couch, make some popcorn, and tune in for these incredible gripping and thrilling true stories of the moment when life and death meet,” said Morgan Hertzan, Vice President and Executive in Charge of Lincoln Square Productions. “Executive Producers Maria Awes and Andy Awes are wonderful story tellers.  They have found the details in these stories that many of us might miss — that create intricate human dramas that compel you to watch.  We are so excited to bring the brilliant work of Committee Films to broadcast television for the first time.”



“Moment of Truth” is executive produced by Maria Awes and Andy Awes for Committee Films in association with ABC’s Lincoln Square Productions.  

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