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“Escape Club” is filled with Sun, Sand, Romance, Heartbreak and Betrayal, Proving That Some Can Run from Their Pasts, But They Can Never Truly Escape It



Los Angeles, CA, May 6, 2014 – Are you bored at work and questioning your life choices? Wondering what your life has become and looking for the ultimate reinvention? Would you drop everything and leave town at a moment’s notice to re-ignite your passions and escape from it all?  “Escape Club” is a one-hour, real-life soap opera where men and women abandon their lives and head off to a luxurious paradise on the beaches of the Dominican Republic looking for a new destiny. In this ultimate high stakes escape, these chosen 12 were picked from thousands of people looking to run away from their daily lives and start over.  They were offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change their destiny forever:  forget their worries, leave all their stresses behind and escape from their jobs, relationships, families and friends. However, they soon see that the island has some surprises in store for each one and once they arrive, they realize that with anything that sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  Paradise has its price when “Escape Club” premieres Sunday, June 8 at 10:00pm on E!

Cameras are on hand to capture every minute when the prospective “escapees” were notified about the offer to drop everything with just a couple of hours to notify their family, bosses and friends, before being whisked away to paradise. Once their adventure begins, they will have no further contact with the outside world, no social media, no calls home, no connections to the lives they’re leaving behind.  Once at the resort, their days will be filled with endless sun, lounging and activities, while the nights offer moonlit dinners, parties and romance.  But at the “Escape Club,” everyone soon realizes that their new island life isn’t as perfect as they had hoped.


With 12 sexy singles living under one roof, they must strategize and build alliances to determine which of them deserves the great escape the most…and which of them needs to pack their bags. They soon find out that no one is ever totally secure, so everyone must constantly scheme, make deals, plead their case and do whatever they can to make it another week.  Throughout their stay, they will be visited by someone from their lives back at home and that new guest can be anyone…friends, family, exes, crushes, enemies, first loves… promising that secrets will be revealed, bombs will be dropped and tears will be shed.


Meet the escapees:


Andrew Dean, 26 : Dean is a painter, pianist, speaker of three languages, a lawyer and a stripper.  Stuck between the pragmatic world of law and the glamour of the strip club, Andrew isn’t sure where his future is taking him and hoping the island will help him decide.


Aundre Dean, 24: Dean was an NFL hopeful but when his dreams of playing slipped away, he unsuccessfully tried his hand at running his own company. Now that both are in limbo, it’s decision time on his future.


Donny Ghilardi, 29: Ghilardi is a former personal trainer who traded the gym for an attempt to make it in the corporate world only to find the rat race isn’t for him. Donny needs to find a way out of his 9-to-5 and get back into the fitness world.


Elly Kho, 31:  Kho is everything that’s wrong with corporate America and she knows it. Known for flashy ways of getting fired (14 times), this human resources nightmare once put hot peppers in her boss’ drink just to give herself the proper send-off. Can she behave herself or will she be fired from the island too?


Jesse Blum, 28: Blum, a nursing assistant who is tired of cleaning bedpans, working 80 hours a week and taking care of sick people, is now known more as a web-cam model than health care provider.


Lisa Baldassare, 25: Baldassare is  a bombshell brunette trapped as a Las Vegas bottle service hostess. She is tired of living the fast life waiting on VIP clients, drunk men and the 24/7 party scene of the Strip.  Will this time away make her realize that a slower life is a better life?


Lisa Tursini, 25: Tursini is just one of those girls who can’t commit.  She is juggling multiple guys and can’t make up her mind on which one is the one so she needs a chance to get away and clear her head.  Will she find Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now at the “Escape Club”?


Matt Heagy, 34: Ten years ago, Heagy was an awkward, bright-eyed virgin without a clue about the ways of women.  Over the protests of his parents, he moved to California to pursue his dream of living on the beach and left his family business behind.  After shedding his former image and becoming the life of every party, his business is failing and a move back home is imminent.


Meagan Reedy, 26:  Reedy is a model and self-described black sheep of her family.  She doesn’t seem to fit in much anywhere and while most of Meagan’s friends are married and having children, she is still trying to start her life and continues to move from city to city, career to career, and boyfriend to boyfriend.


Petra Davis, 22: After the sudden loss of her sister, Petra’s personal life is now  front and center to her overbearing mother. Petra felt the need to fill her sister’s shoes but has finally realized that she needs to live her own life and pursue her own dreams.  Her mother doesn’t agree and when Petra changes career paths, she is financially cut off.


Stephen Bamber, 28: Bamber is a waiter who considers himself a renaissance man with a few ‘commitment issues.’  (He still lives at home with his parents.) He cannot seem to find one job or one woman to commit to but he’s hoping an escape will make him want to settle down and become a master of one trade with one woman.


Whitney Coulas, 25:  Coulas is a fashion designer with huge commitment issues.  She moves from city to city, can’t hold down a job, juggles 10 guys at a time, and hasn’t truly let anyone in since her first love. Currently living on her friend’s couch, Whitney is trying to find her way and hopefully some time away is just the trick.


At the “Escape Club,” anyone can get a fresh start and be whoever they want to be, but only for a short time.  In the end, only one of them will walk away with “the great escape” and win a year of financial freedom.


To see your true life as it’s meant to be, sometimes you have to step away from it, when  “Escape Club” premieres Sunday, June 8 at 10:00pm on E! Executive producers for Shed Media US are Pam Healey, John Hesling, Dan Snook and Matt Odgers.

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