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World Renowned Plastic Surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow

Help Victims Reclaim Their Lives After Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong


Series Features Self-Proclaimed World’s First Supermodel Janice Dickinson Going Under the Knife to Replace her 30-Year-Old Breast Implants and Struggles with Staying Sober Post Surgery


Los Angeles – June 2, 2014 – In the multi-billion dollar world of plastic surgery, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…or is it?  For some patients, their quest for ultimate perfection ends in disastrous results.   World renowned doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow — the best of the best and leaders in their field — will be tasked with some of the most difficult operations of their careers when they try to reverse the effects of horrendous plastic surgeries.   For the first time on television, plastic surgery nightmares become dreams come true when “Botched” premieres Tuesday, June 24 at 9:00pm ET/PT only on E!


In each one hour episode, the doctors will be tasked with restoring, fixing and adjusting what appear to be unfixable, botched procedures and operations.  From the more bizarre cases like altering what’s commonly referred to as a uniboob to a man obsessed with looking like Justin Bieber and a transgendered patient who after 24 surgeries just wants a more normal life, Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow were definitely put to the ultimate medical test.  Viewers will follow each patient every step of the way from the complex medical procedures to the intensive recovery process that will result in the ultimate reveal at the end of each episode.


In the premiere episode, both doctors team up to fix some of California’s worst surgical results when they set their sights, and their scalpels, on Alicia, a woman suffering from what’s known as a “uni-boob,” and Michelle, an actress who’s had six surgeries in search of the perfect nose.  Plus, the doctors make a house call to one of the Internet’s most talked about plastic surgery addicts, the human doll, Justin Jedlica.


Meet the patients from Episode One:

  • Alicia, 34 – As a young mom and swimsuit designer, Alicia saw her life change for the worse after developing a complication from a botched breast surgery. Now in a constant state of pain due to her “uniboob,” she has a hard time taking care of her son and cannot even wear the swimsuits she makes. Alicia hopes that Dr. Dubrow will be able to fix her breasts so that she can regain her confidence and take back her life.


  • Michelle, 39 – Blackwell was only 15-years-old when a car accident made her nose collapse and wrecked her self-esteem. Now an actress and comedian, she jokes that she has “a face for radio” and hopes that Dr. Nassif will be able to fix her nostrils and her confidence during one last nasal surgery.


  • Justin Jedlica, 33 – Often referred to as the “Human Doll,” Jedlica has gone under the knife more than 100 times in order to perfect his unique physique. An amateur implant designer, he hopes to get Terry and Paul’s assistance as he moves forward with his plans for artificial abdominal, quadriceps, and calf muscles.


Throughout the series the doctors will be faced with some pretty difficult situations left over from horribly botched plastic surgeries.  Below, are just some of the stories that Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow were challenged with:


  • Janice Dickinson, 59 – Dickinson is the “World’s First Supermodel” and a plastic surgery veteran. With 30-year-old implants and the constant glare of the paparazzi, Terry was charged with the task to restore her breasts to a more natural look.  And after some very public battles with sobriety, she continues to wrestle with her demons post surgery.


  • Kimber James, 26 – James is a transgender adult film star who dreams of white picket fences and a life of normalcy. She’s undergone twenty-four plastic surgeries and now feels like a cartoon character due to her unrealistic proportions. She calls upon Terry and Paul to fix her botched breasts, nose and vagina.


  • Renee, 46 – Renee’s desire to have the perfect derrière has gotten her into trouble. Her body is now deformed from free-floating silicone that has migrated and she’s in constant pain. Renee is also an Internet sensation after posting a shocking video of her butt implants flipping inside her body which has been viewed by millions of people worldwide.


  • Desiree, 45 – When White decided to save money by getting her tummy tuck in Mexico, what she got instead was a real life horror story. The doctors used a block of ice to numb her abdomen and operated on her while awake..


  • Toby Sheldon, 34 – Sheldon has made headlines in recent years for spending over $100,000 to look like his idol, Justin Bieber. Now he wants to complete the transition by reducing his forehead and shaving down his jawline, but will the doctors be on board with his dangerous plan?


  • Cynthia, 40 – Cynthia is a breast cancer survivor from New Jersey. She was diagnosed at 32 and immediately had a mastectomy to remove her left breast. She then underwent cosmetic surgery, but the results were a disaster–her left breast is football- shaped and has a serious uni-boob. Cynthia is constantly reminded of her cancer when she sees the scars, so she covered the scars with a large lotus flower tattoo. Now that she’s 5-years cancer-free, she’s ready to move on and make her breasts a work of beauty with Dr. Dubrow.


Nassif and Dubrow will use their training, education and sometimes even imagination as they set out to turn back the clock and miraculously change lives.  Throughout the series, we’ll see the patients’ back-stories and follow all stages of their journey to recovery and get a sense of their pre-corrective lives of shame and insecurity. Each patient will undergo initial consultations with the doctors and throughout each episode viewers will witness their surgeries, peer into their post-operative follow-ups, and then see the big reveal of their new and corrected faces and bodies.


“Botched” premieres Tuesday, June 24 at 9:00pm ET/PT on E! and is executive produced by Alex Baskin, Douglas Ross, Greg Stewart and Mark Herwick for Evolution Media.

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