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The first day of LIVE! with Kelly, with Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Jerry Seinfeld, delivered a 4.0 HH rating and a 2.2 W25-54 rating, in an average of the metered markets.

  • These ratings were superior to last year’s Nov 2010 time periods by +38% in HH and +57% in W25-54.
  • The show was #1 in its time period in 65% of all metered markets, including 14 of the Top 15 markets.
  • LIVE! with Kelly improved over its lead-in in 73% of all metered markets, including 13 of the Top 15 markets.
  • Scoring at least a 5.0 HH rating were Philadelphia (5.5), San Francisco (5.0), Atlanta (7.1), Detroit (6.1), Pittsburgh (6.6), and Charlotte (5.5), in the Top 25 markets.  Dayton delivered an 8.9, the highest HH rating among the metered markets.

HH               W25-54         Guests

Nov 2010 Time Period                              2.9                1.4                Various

Nov 21, 2011: Kelly & Jerry Seinfeld           4.0                2.2                Jason Segel, Jamie Oliver

% Change                                                     +38%            +57%                       

Source: NSI Wrap Overnights; L+SD; 56 markets for HH; 25 markets for W25-54; yesterday’s data is preliminary

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