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FOX 30 Day Multi-Platform season-to-date thru 11/30/14:


  • Season to date, with originals, FOX is up +6% versus last year in non-linear viewing outside the Nielsen-measured window.
  • Non-linear viewing accounts for 17% of all FOX entertainment programming consumption, but reaches higher levels for top shows such as NEW GIRL (30%), FAMILY GUY (26%), MINDY (28%) and GOTHAM (20%).
  • Viewing on Hulu is up +11% year-to-year, and still drives the bulk of FOX’s digital viewership, making up 66% of our nonlinear audience — but FOXNOW is growing at a faster pace (+30%), thanks to its growing reach.
  • The Top 3 FOX shows over 30 days are: #1 GOTHAM (14.5 Mil) #2 FAMILY GUY (10.6 Mil) and #3 BONES (9.7 Mil)
  • The Top 3 shows delivering the highest % post-same day gains are: #1 NEW GIRL (+126%), #2 GOTHAM (+119%) and #3 RED BAND SOCIETY (+110%)
  • The Top 3 shows on digital platforms are: #1 GOTHAM (2.9 Mil), #2 FAMILY GUY (2.8 Mil), #3 NEW GIRL (1.9 Mil)
  • While reality shows tend to get less lift from post-same day viewing, MASTERCHEF JUNIOR sees a 100% gain from its Live + Same Day viewership
  • GOTHAM’s average Day 4+ VOD audience of 1.0 Mil is FOX’s largest in two years (with available AA data since 12/13 season). GOTHAM also drives the largest FOXNOW audience of any FOX program this season.


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