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FOX Business Network’s (FBN) special coverage of the Republican National Convention (RNC) anchored by Neil Cavuto beat CNBC’s special report anchored by Larry Kudlow and John Harwood in both total viewers and in the coveted 25-54 demographic, according to Nielsen Media Research.


Cavuto’s three-day primetime coverage achieved an 85 percent advantage in the 10-11:30 PM/ET timeslot over CNBC’s Your Money Your Vote with 265,000 total viewers to CNBC’s 143,000. In the 25-54 demo, Cavuto averaged 100,000 viewers, a 59 percent lead over CNBC’s 63,000. In addition, Cavuto’s three hour special (8-11:30 PM/ET) also beat CNBC’s primetime coverage during the RNC by 47 percent in total viewers with 255,000 to CNBC’s 173,000 and by 13% in the demo with 88,000 to CNBC’s 78,000 viewers. On the last night of the RNC, Cavuto scored a record 417,000 viewers in the 10 PM/ET hour. FBN is available in approximately half as many homes as CNBC.


FBN’s Election 2012: Republican National Convention

8PM: 177,000 P2+ / 46,000 demo

9PM: 299,000 P2+ / 91,000 demo

10PM: 417,000 P2+ / 157,000 demo

11-11:30PM: 298,000 P2+ / 113,000 demo


CNBC’s Primetime Coverage:

8PM (Crime Inc): 143,000 P2+ / 50,000 demo

9PM (Crime Inc): 197,000 P2+ /101,000 demo

10-11:30PM (Your Money Your Life): 186,000 P2+ /87,000 demo

11:30PM-12AM (Mad Money Repeat): 46,000 P2+ / 28,000 demo


Three Day Average (8/28-8/30/12):


FBN Primetime:

8-11:30PM: 255,000 P2+ / 88,000 demo (47% advantage over CNBC in total viewers / 13% in the demo)

10-11:30PM: 265,000 P2+ / 100,000 demo (85% advantage over CNBC in total viewers / 59% in the demo)


CNBC Primetime:

8-11:30PM: 173,000 P2+ / 78,000 demo

10-11:30 PM: 143,000 P2+ / 63,000 demo


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