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Featuring a Special Presentation of Fox Legacy with Tom Rothman

Dedicated to Cleopatra

Los Angeles, March 23, 2011 – Fox Movie Channel pays memorial tribute to Elizabeth Taylor’s rich acting legacy with an all day marathon of one of her most pivotal films, Cleopatra.

Over the course of her stellar career Elizabeth Taylor starred in 55 motion pictures and in 16 television productions. Her screen persona and emotional acting style helped her attain the status of a true screen legend. She was recognized by the entertainment industry with five Academy Award nominations and two Oscar wins for her roles in Butterfield 8 and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. Cleopatra is widely regarded as the film that made her a superstar.

Included in the marathon is a special presentation of FOX LEGACY. In this episode, Tom Rothman, Chairman and CEO of 20th Century Fox, offers his unique insider’s perspective into how Cleopatra was made and the impact that film had on Elizabeth Taylor’s life and career.

Cleopatra Marathon Schedule

  • 6:00am ET           3:00am PT   Cleopatra
  • 11:00am ET           8:00am PT   Cleopatra
  • 3:30pm ET         12:30pm PT   Cleopatra
  • 8:00pm ET           5:00pm PT   Fox Legacy: Cleopatra
  • 8:30pm ET           5:30pm PT   Cleopatra
  • 1:00am ET         10:00pm PT   Fox Legacy: Cleopatra
  • 1:30am ET         10:30pm PT   Cleopatra

Fox Movie Channel’s expanding slate of original programming explores the moviemaking process from script to screen. Our unprecedented access provides viewers with a whole studio on one channel.

  • Fox Legacy, where Tom Rothman, Chairman and CEO of 20th Century Fox offers a unique insider’s perspective into how classic Fox films were made and the personalities who created them
  • Direct Effect, a journey with film directors through their creative process
  • Making a Scene, behind-the-scenes magic
  • Writer’s Draft, an examination of the screenwriter’s process
  • World Premiere, unique red carpet coverage


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