FOX News Channel (FNC) will present a one-hour special entitled, “The Hannity Special: The Victims of Ferguson” on Friday, December 5th at 10PM/ET. Hosted by FNC’s Sean Hannity, the special will examine the businesses that were destroyed and looted during the protests in Ferguson, MO last week following the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson. See the guest list for the special below: 


Guests: Mumtaz Lalani, Dellwood Market Owner

             Jan Lalani, Dellwood Market Owner

             Sonny Dayan, St. Louis Cordless Owner

             Jay Kanzler, Attorney for Store Owners  

            Jeniece Andrews, Hidden Treasures Owner

            Eddie Andrews, Hidden Treasures Owner

Steve Moore, Celebrity Soul Food Owner

Mohammad Yaacoup, Sam’s Meat Market Owner

Sameh Soulton, NY Grill Owner

Mahesh Patel, Ferguson Market Owner

Terrence Williams, volunteer

Bo Dietl, Former NYPD detective and FOX News Contributor

Kisha Hebbon, Attorney

David Webb, FOX News Contributor

Deroy Murdock, FOX News Contributor

Daryl Parks, Brown Family Attorney

Jacques Degraff, FOX News Contributor


Jason Riley, The Wall Street Journal

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