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Gas Station TV Hits Record 27 Million Monthly Nielsen-Verified Fueling Impressions

As the only third-party measured and audited media network at the pump, clients are confidently buying GSTV

NEW YORK, July 22  Gas Station TV (, the largest national away-from-home television network delivering a one-to-one consumer viewing experience, has been delivering Nielsen Pocketpieces® to the advertising community for over two years. The most recent report shows GSTV exceeding 26 million monthly Nielsen-verified fueling impressions, and next month’s report will reflect GSTV’s steady climb to 27 million monthly fueling impressions via new stations coming online this week. As the only gas station media company investing in independent third-party auditing, advertisers have been confidently purchasing gas station media via GSTV.

“Gas Station TV continues to demonstrate its leadership in away-from-home television measurement,” stated Paul Lindstrom, SVP Nielsen Media Research. “GSTV pioneered not only measurement in the gas digital media space, but individual market measurement for all Nielsen On Location companies.”

Gas Station TV’s Pocketpiece reports are presented in a format common to all Nielsen-measured networks, including traditional television networks. The reports define standard Nielsen-provided analytics to support the planning, buying and post-buy evaluation of the Gas Station TV network.

“As the only independently audited and measured network in the gas space, GSTV delivers audience numbers you can trust. It takes a lot of hard work to get the data from your gas retail partners, and financial resources to pay for measurement,” stated David Leider, CEO Gas Station TV. “It’s irresponsible to ask a client to spend money on your network without proper accountability to ensure the value of their buy,” said Leider.

GSTV delivers great metrics for clients because of its true television viewing experience: full-screen programming with sight-sound-motion via state of the art LCD TVs featuring ESPN sports, NBCU news and entertainment, local-market AccuWeather, and original content — all with no banners, tickers, or skyscrapers to distract the viewer from the core message featured on the screen. With broadcast television hitting historic record low viewership this month according to Nielsen, marketers need companies like GSTV more than ever to deliver their messaging.

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About Gas Station TV (

Gas Station TV (GSTV) is the largest national away-from-home television network delivering a one-to-one consumer viewing experience. GSTV is the only digital TV network at the pump with Nielsen Media Research-verified viewership, demographics, dwell time, network size and recall, providing media buyers confidence in GSTV commercial airtime purchases. GSTV delivers entertaining and informative content with hyper-local targeting down to an individual station, motivating a mass audience, just steps away from the convenience store. GSTV connects with captive consumers for four to five minutes during a natural pause point in their day when they cannot channel surf or skip past your message with a DVR. Programming includes exclusive news and entertainment segments from NBCU, sports from ESPN, local weather from AccuWeather and GSTV’s original content program, “Your Neighborhood.” A proven tool for driving business for advertisers and increasing the revenue stream for gas retailers, GSTV delivers 27MM monthly fuelers at the pump in over 100 U.S. DMAs at 13 of the nation’s leading gas retailers. GSTV’s audience would consistently rank among the top 15 most watched primetime TV shows weekly against highly desired 18-49 year olds. Please visit for more information, follow us on Twitter @GasStationTV, or find us on Facebook  Gas Station TV is a Destination Media, Inc. company.

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