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When the lights went out at Super Bowl XLVII, 60 MINUTES SPORTS cameras were the only ones to record the reactions inside NFL Control. Correspondent Armen Keteyian was there as part of an inside look at the big game on the next edition of 60 MINUTES SPORTS premiering Wednesday, Feb. 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME.


Keteyian was in NFL Control – the event’s nerve center high in the Superdome – interviewing the league’s Senior V.P. Events, Frank Supovitz and Director of Strategic Security Jeff Miller, when the lights dimmed. Cameras on the field recorded players and coaches as they dealt with the delay.


Keteyian’s report illuminates the level of planning and resources it takes to execute an event of this magnitude. 60 MINUTES SPORTS was granted unprecedented access to all the people and events that together build what has come to be America’s biggest party. As the Super Bowl continues to grow year after year, a supporting cast of over 20,000 people and several years of planning is needed for each NFL season’s ultimate event. From security to party planners, from broadcasting crews to the people in charge of the big half-time show, each cog is essential to the success of the largest food, drink, sports and entertainment event on earth. 60 MINUTES SPORTS captures it all in a way never seen before.

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