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2012 Marks Double Digit Growth in Target Demos Women 18-49 and Women 25-54; 
GSN Adds 106 New Advertisers Representing A Double Digit Increase In Ad Revenue in 2012;
 Highest 1st Quarter Ad Sales Prime Delivery in Network History      
GSN’s Digital Arm Remains Strong With Two Million Visits
Per Day for GSN Online Games
April 9, 2013 (New York, NY) —At an upfront presentation held this morning at New York City’s Sony Club, GSN announced plans to greenlight two new series and unveiled an impressive development slate representing GSN’s ongoing commitment to originals.  The network also added 106 new advertisers to its already impressive list of partners and revealed that in combination with GSN’s digital arm, the powerful brand now reaches a whopping 100 million consumers annually.  The details were announced today by GSN’s President and CEO, David Goldhill; GSN’s Executive Vice President of Programming and Development, Amy Introcaso-Davis; and John Zaccario, GSN’s Executive Vice President of Advertising Sales.
“The GSN brand is more powerful than ever and as a result, we are gaining momentum in all metrics,” said David Goldhill, GSN’s President and CEO.  “Due to our ongoing commitment to originals, we continue to break ratings records, deliver engaged audiences and in turn, provide unique opportunities for advertisers to reach their coveted target demos in an environment that promises to deliver the results they seek.” He added: “The combination of our digital platform and our linear channel, reaching 100 million people annually, provides our advertisers with unduplicated results that make GSN one of the most attractive buys available in the market today.”
In the past year, GSN has experienced enormous growth, with double digit increases year to year in both ratings and ad revenue.  With new additions to its programming lineup, the network continues to hit high marks with shows like FAMILY FEUD, hosted by daytime’s breakout star Steve Harvey, which fueled gains with target demos including W18-49 and W25-54.  Season to date, GSN has seen double digit growth in Ad Sales Prime up 31% with P25-54 and 33% with W25-54, based on recently released Nielsen data. Currently, FAMILY FEUD is the #1 prime program on GSN averaging nearly half a million total viewers per episode.  GSN also gained momentum in Q1 up 40% with P25-54 and 38% with W25-54 during the ad sales time period from 7P to midnight.  In addition, GSN generated a marked improvement in latenight during Q1, up 83% with P18-49 viewers and up an impressive 93% with W18-49.   GSN now boasts 364,000 viewers in the Ad Sales Prime, the highest 1st quarter in the history of the network.  
GSN’s decision to invest early in what has turned out to be a significant trend for faith-based programming paid off handsomely with the record-setting launch of THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE, hosted by Jeff Foxworthy.  Currently in its second season, the studio-based game in which contestants compete based on their knowledge of the Bible, consistently delivers in prime and is one of GSN’s highest rated series.   In other 2012 programming news, GSN sold its first original, BAGGAGE into syndication through NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution.  The series, cleared in 95% of the country, is hosted by Jerry Springer and features three contestants vying for a date who have to divulge their “baggage.”   Today, GSN also announced a June 25thpremiere date for its newly greenlit series, MINUTE TO WIN IT, hosted by Olympian Apolo AntonOhno; and the network also ordered eight episodes of THE CHASEa new quiz show based on the hit UK series of the same name.  
John Zaccario, GSN’s Executive Vice President, Advertising Sales, added: “The viewing behaviors of GSN’s audience result in a valuable environment for our advertisers.   Our audience is highly engaged in a participatory and active viewing experience and embrace brands within the commercial pods and woven into our content.  They are prolific consumers of our advertisers’ goods and services.” 
“This has been a truly rewarding year,” GSN’s Executive Vice President of Programming and Development, Amy Introcaso-Davis said.  “Our viewers are passionate about our content and we have used the last year to really deliver the kind of programming that makes people lean in and participate in a way that’s palpable and meaningful in terms of their viewing experience.
During the upfront, GSN presented data it commissioned through Frank Magid & Associates based on a sample of over 1500 respondents between the ages of 18-64 who watch the network.  The study evaluated the consumer behaviors and attitudes of the GSN viewer and underscored the quality of the network’s audience, with 29% of GSN viewers ages 18-34. The study indicated that GSN is primarily watched live with 74% paying attention to advertisements on its air and 38% taking action once they had viewed the network’s pod-based spots.  
The study also revealed that GSN’s audience is highly engaged with the average viewer spending over 11 hours a week watching the network and 90% typically watching for more than 15 minutes at a time.  According to Nielsen’s Length of Tune Ranker, GSN (Source:Nielsen Npower)  ranked #17 among 103 networks for P2+ and with W18–49, the network moved up the chart to #14.
This all new, GSN original version of the classic show will be hosted by Speed Skating Champion Apolo Anton Ohno.  Each one-hour episode of MINUTE TO WIN IT features competitors facing 10 challenges that escalate in level of difficulty using everyday household items. Each game has a one-minute time limit and failure to finish the task on time will eliminate the contestant. At various points throughout the game, the competitor can walk away with the money earned up to that point – but it’ll take nerves of steel to complete all 10 tasks to win the grand prize of $250,000. The episodes are produced by Shine America – based on the format owned by Shine’s sister company Friday TV. Michael Binkow (Baggage, 1 vs. 100) serves as Executive Producer. (40 x :60)
You can run, but you cannot hide, the Beast is always coming after you. In THE CHASE, a team of four contestants attempts to amass as much money as possible by answering quick-fire questions in a 60-second round.  The money earned will go towards a team bank.  Why the urgency?  Because the Beast is always lurking, ready to pounce. The Beast – quite simply — is a quiz genius.  The job of this intimidating presence is to catch each contestant by answering more questions than his opponents to ensure they are not able to bank their money.  It’s a role he executes with ruthless efficiency.  In the final round, the team collectively plays against The Beast in an epic David vs. Goliath battle for the entire amount that they have banked. THE CHASE is produced by ITV Studios America. (8 x :60)
The hotbed of dancing in the United States can be found in an unlikely location. The population of Orem, Utah is only 84,000— yet one in 40 is a dancer. Several of Orem’s dancers have gone on to win regional, national and world championships.  But succeeding in Orem isn’t easy. The city is home to two of the most elite dance studios in America, each owned by a fiercely competitive and hard-driving dance instructor. The studios are just a stone’s throw from one another…and the owners used to be partners! Needless to say, the rivalry between the dance studios and their owners is as fierce as the competition among the dancers.  Each week, the studios participate in dance competitions and each week they fight for 1st and 2nd positions—always with the ultimate goal of triumphing over the other. DANCE RIVALS is produced by H2R Entertainment with Derek Hough, Christian Horner, Adam Rosenblatt and Jamie Rosenblatt serving as Executive Producers.
IT TAKES A CHURCH is a new one?hour series where a church will go on a mission to find love for one lucky, single parishioner…without them knowing!  Each week, we’ll visit another church from across the country and surprise a single girl (or guy) with the news that she is about to be saved from the dating world. The congregation, Pastor, friends, and family will all contribute, but in the end our single will decide which suitor she is putting her faith in.  The parishioner who brought the chosen suitor will win money for both themself and their charity. IT TAKES A CHURCH is developed for GSN by Sean Kelly.
What are men really thinking? In each episode of MIND OF A MAN, two female contestants will try to figure out what men really think about dating, marriage, working and all manner of manly pursuits. The questions on the show have all been previously asked and answered by a survey of 100 men. Over three rounds, the contestants will try to determine the correct answers with the help of a celebrity panel. A mix of famous and funny male and female celebrities will offer their opinions about what men are really thinking. And for successfully getting inside the mind of a man, one of the contestants could win up to $15,000. MIND OF A MAN is produced by Never Nominated Productions Inc. with 51 Minds Entertainment’s Mark Cronin serving as Executive Producer.
Two contestants who have an existing relationship (i.e. friends, siblings, husband and wife) move into another family’s home for 48 hours. They must observe the family’s every move and judge their dynamics. The twist is that one of the family members is a fake.  They have been embedded with the real family in order to fool the contestants. The family and the imposter will create diversions and cast doubts over everyone’s authenticity in order to keep houseguests from uncovering the TRUTH. If the houseguests correctly identify the imposter, they win $25,000. But if the family has deceived the houseguests into choosing incorrectly, the family wins the cash. THE IMPOSTER is a battle of observation and deduction vs. cunning and guile. THE IMPOSTER is produced by Leopard Films USA with Hayma “Screech” Washington serving as Executive Producer.
We’ve all gone through many stages in our lives, some more awkward than others. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE, hosted by Brooke Burns, is a new dating show that allows singles to watch a set of potential soul mates grow up before their very eyes. Each 30-minute episode will feature a new dater and three potential suitors. We will see and meet our dater, but the three potential suitors will be behind a scrim—neither the dater nor the viewers will have any idea what they look like. We will meet the suitors through photos and video footage from different decades in their lives, and the dater will be able to ask them questions based only on that era. Two suitors will be eliminated; one will be chosen. Can you find love just by digging through someone’s past? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE is produced by Matt Westmore Media with Matt Westmore and Sean Kelly serving as Executive Producers.
Caroline Rhea created YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MISSING, a fun family game show that tests unsuspecting families on what they truly value.  YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MISSING features family members challenged to see who can remember 10 meaningful items regularly on display in their home.  One family member will be chosen to race the clock and correctly identify which items are missing – every correct answer is worth cash, and the better the player does, the more additional prizes the player earns for their family.  Once the clock expires, the family is reunited for a funny reveal of how the search went.  The player can then buy back items that were not recognized as missing.  And, while it’s their decision, they will be influenced by the sentimental value and pleas of their family members. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MISSING is produced by TravailD’Amour with Caroline Rhea serving as Executive Producer.
Comedian and author Jeff Foxworthy hosts THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE, a lively studio-based game in which contestants compete based on their knowledge of the Bible.  Utilizing current pop-culture as well as historical references, questions are drawn from the rich, dense narrative found in the world’s best-selling book.  The contestants share their compelling back-stories and each team plays for a charitable organization. Multiple Grammy Award® winner Kirk Franklin joins Season Two as musical co-host. THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE is produced by RelativityREAL for GSN, with RelativityREAL’s Tom Forman (“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”) serving as Executive Producer on the project along with JanelleFiorito (“Extra Virgin”).  Nick Stuart and Maura Dunbar of Odyssey Networks are Consulting Producers. Odyssey Networks is the country’s largest multi-faith coalition dedicated to producing and distributing media that creates understanding among people of different beliefs and perspectives. Jeff Foxworthy also serves as Producer. Embassy Row’s Michael Davies as well as Parallel Entertainment’s J.P. Williams and Jennifer Novak serve as Executive Producers.
At G-Stone Motors, a state-of-the-art car dealership in Middlebury, Vermont, the saying is, “We’ll take anything in trade.”  And they mean it.  Don’t have enough for a down payment? Founder Gardner Stone will trade you a beautiful new car or truck for anything you’ve got that he thinks he can sell—pigs, a hot air balloon, coffins, maple syrup, dolls, a shoe collection.  But Stone’s son Todd and daughter Darcy, who work with him in the business, have very different ideas about what makes a good trade, and they have the unenviable task of re-selling whatever their father has taken in trade.  Each 30-minute episode features the outrageous, hilarious, hotly contested barter stories at G-Stone Motors—with a simmering stew of family drama cooking alongside. FAMILY TRADE is produced by Eli Frankel’s Rogue Atlas Productions in association with Lionsgate, with Frankel as Executive Producer.
THE NEWLYWED GAME, hosted by Sherri Shepherd, is GSN’s modern installment of the classic series showcasing three newly married couples of wide-ranging backgrounds who face off in a series of question rounds. During each round, a spouse attempts to guess his or her mate’s answer to questions about their relationship, ranging from the first time they met to the details of their love life. At the end of the game, the couple scoring the most points wins exciting prizes. THE NEWLYWED GAME is produced by Michael Davies and his production company, Embassy Row, which is owned by Sony Pictures Television.  In addition to GSN’s “The Pyramid” and “Chain Reaction,” Davies has brought audiences fan-favorite shows such as “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,”  “Power of 10,” Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” and “Kathy,” and Oxygen’s “The Glee Project.” Host Sherri Shepherd also serves as a producer for THE NEWLYWED GAME.
Since its premiere in 1976, FAMILY FEUD, currently hosted by Steve Harvey, has remained one of television’s most popular and enduring game shows, and continues to evolve in new and exciting ways. College tournaments, celebrity look-alikes and special theme weeks, along with TV’s most revealing, surprising and fun survey results keep audiences tuning in each weekday. FAMILY FEUD is produced by FremantleMedia North America and distributed by Debmar Mercury. Gaby Johnston is Executive Producer. 
GSN Digital continues to bolster the brand, becoming one of the largest online game publishers in the world with close to two million players visiting a GSN game platform each day.  GSN Casino, the mobile app, was included on Apple’s Best of 2012 list as a top grossing app for iPhone and iPad; it is also a top-downloaded and top-grossing app for Android.  The Games by GSN app is the #1 multigame portal on Facebook.
GSN’s programming and online games have been drivers of successful brand integrations with an engaging, positive environment that attracts a call to action audience. Impactful and turnkey elements offered include custom-short form content, co-branded interstitials, on-air stunts and digital/multi-screen extensions through custom games at, and mobile apps like The American Bible Challenge. For example, GSN’s partnership with the Salvation Army for the first season of THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE was anchored by customizable bumpers that encouraged viewers to download the app, and the network donated $1 to the Salvation Army for every download up to 10,000 users.  

GSN is a multimedia entertainment company that offers original and classic game programming and competitive entertainment via its 77-million subscriber television network and online game sites. GSN’s cross-platform content gives game lovers the opportunity to win cash and prizes, whether through GSN’s popular TV game shows or through GSN Digital’s free casual games, mobile and social games, and cash competitions. GSN is distributed throughout the U.S., Caribbean and Canada by all major cable operators, satellite providers and telcos.  GSN and its subsidiary,, Inc., are owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment and DIRECTV.   For further information, please visit

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