Hoarding Buried Alive

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— Season five returns with all new episodes on Wednesday, October 30 at 10 PM ET/PT –

(New York, NY) – TLC’s HOARDING: BURIED ALIVE returns on Wednesday, October 30 at 10 PM with some of the most compelling cases in the hit series’ history. The fifth season, which returns with five new one-hours, will also air an additional nine episodes in spring 2014.


Following the season premiere of EXTREME CHEAPSKATES at 9 PM ET/PT, HOARDING: BURIED ALIVE will go beyond the hoard to explore the psychology of these shocking attachments to seemingly worthless objects. Each week will examine hoarders as they attempt to regain control of their lives and extreme behaviors with the help of expert therapists and professional organizers.


In the premiere episode, viewers will be introduced to a little person who, in tandem with her mother, has created toppling piles of dangerous clutter.


Other featured hoarders include: a hoarder with a rat infestation so bad, it has compromised the house’s foundation and an ex-principal whose habits stem from the trauma of escaping a school shooting that was thwarted by authorities.


HOARDING: BURIED ALIVE is produced by Discovery Studios for TLC.

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