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— Based on the True Story of a Prolific American Serial Killer, Viewers Will Discover and Piece Together Details of the Case Alongside the Investigators Over the Course of Three Chilling Installments –


–SERIAL THRILLER: ANGEL OF DECAY Will Also Have Theatrical Release–


May 8, 2015 (New York, N.Y.) – Investigation Discovery’s (ID) SERIAL THRILLER will launch as a three-part miniseries event on June 7 at 10pm ET/PT with “SERIAL THRILLER: ANGEL OF DECAY,” a true-crime story that will propel viewers into the heart of a community that was terrorized by one of the world’s most notorious serial killers. The eerie outcome may have been ripped from the headlines, but SERIAL THRILLER for the first time reveals the whole narrative by bringing together the untold personal stories and recollections of those closest to the killer as well as the detectives in charge of the investigation.  This unprecedented focus on the forensic detail of the story gives SERIAL THRILLER a unique window on the devastating ripple effect of a man who would go on to become one of America’s most infamous criminals. The murderer’s identity will be a mystery at first, and while many true-crime aficionados will be onto the case early on, other viewers will be left to unravel the clues until his identity is revealed in the second episode.  Each character’s vivid storyline serves as a reminder that behind every crime are real people and lives transformed. Premiering on consecutive nights at 10PM ET/PT, each new installment of Serial Thriller will be preceded by earlier episodes, allowing viewers to binge-watch into the new episodes.


The debut installment, “SERIAL THRILLER: ANGEL OF DECAY,” brings viewers to the Pacific Northwest in the 1970s, where a string of victims with similar profiles—young, beautiful women—begin to pop up, and two local police investigators make it their mission to track down the killer before he claims his next innocent victim. As they piece the evidence together and visit some truly horrific crime scenes, viewers will interpret alongside the detectives what it all means, while also getting a glimpse into a community now on edge.  As the criminal case gathers in pace and intensity, personal and intimate relationships are glimpsed that may offer clues to the identity of the killer, building to an explosive and unexpected intersection of stories.  


“We’re truly excited to bring this new form of storytelling, rooted in true crime, that permits viewers to piece together this truth-is-stranger-than-fiction mystery and solve the investigation alongside the detectives who broke open the case,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President at Discovery. “We think that that our viewers will love this engaging and heart-pounding three-night event that is sure to keep them on the edge of their seats as they join the real life detectives and authorities in trying to stay a step ahead of the killer’s next move.”


Matt Robins, Creative Director of October Films and Executive Producer said “In producing SERIAL THRILLER: ANGEL OF DECAY our ambition was to place viewers directly inside the fear and horror of a killer-on-the-loose experience; feeling the urgency of a case that brought America to a standstill. With so many mass murderers etched into the public mind, the severity and depravity of their crimes is often lost in the ether. We wanted to remind the audience that these killers were once just faces in a crowd, chillingly under the radar as they committed the most heinous of acts.”


SERIAL THRILLER will also be packaged into a feature-length film and distributed as a theatrical release to the global market. It is produced for Investigation Discovery by October Films with Matt Robins, Steve Murphy and Lindsay Shapero as executive producers and is written and directed by Jamie Crawford. For Investigation Discovery, Eugenie Vink is executive producer, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, Kevin Bennett is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is Group President.



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