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On Sunday, June 17th, NURSE JACKIE and THE BIG C end their 10-episode runs with shocking and emotional season finales. At 9 PM, on NURSE JACKIE, All Saints is in chaos. Cruz (Bobby Cannavale) is suffering from a panic attack, which Jackie (Edie Falco) is using to her greatest advantage. Meanwhile, O’Hara (Eve Best) is in the throes of labor without her best friend for support. Enter Dr. Coop (Peter Facinelli), much to her horror. Later, when Cruz finally recovers, he calls on Jackie for help with the toughest case of his life when his own son, Charlie (Jake Cannavale) is brought into the ER as a patient.

Immediately following, at 9:30 PM on THE BIG C, the Jamesons and Andrea (Gabourey Sidibe) are on a Puerto Rican vacation. A scuba diving trip turns tragic after Cathy (Laura Linney) becomes entangled in fishing net and is set adrift from the dive boat. At first alarmed, she suddenly appreciates her situation and her newfound companion, Angel’s (Michael Ray Escamilla) inability to speak English. While sharing her innermost thoughts aloud, Cathy comes to some surprising realizations.

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