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“Kenny & Dolly: An Intimate Conversation” on Great American Country

Iconic Stars Share Rare, Candid Chat


Premiering Monday, December 9, 9:00 p.m./ET



NASHVILLE, TN. (December 4, 2013) — “I have a fantasy,” Kenny Rogers says to Dolly Parton in Kenny & Dolly: An Intimate Conversation, premiering Monday, December 9, 9:00 p.m./ET on Great American Country. “I want to come see you when you’re in sweat pants and tennis shoes.” “Maybe in another life,” Parton responds in reference to the fact that she’s never seen without the make-up, hair and clothing her fans expect.


The humorous and insightful exchange between friends is one of many revealed as two music icons come together in this momentous TV event – only on Great American Country. “To bring viewers a truly unique and remarkable chat between these amazing artists is incredible in and of itself,” said Suzanne Gordon, vice president of programming for Great American Country. “What makes this even more personal is that it isn’t moderated. You have these performers who transcend genre and category, who are larger-than-life figures in American pop culture, just sitting together and having a conversation. It’s really special.”


In a very relaxed setting, the two stars chat about their 30-year friendship, the chemistry they share and the fact that while they’re not getting any younger, only one of them admits to getting older. Archival photos and videos chronicle one of the most enduring partnerships in popular music.


Country Music Hall of Fame members Rogers and Parton first worked together 30 years ago while recording “Islands in the Stream.” “There was just something about our chemistry, people really sensed it,” Parton says. The song topped both the country and pop charts and the pair’s professional relationship grew to include touring and a second No. 1 hit, “Real Love.”


Fast forward to “You Can’t Make Old Friends,” the pair’s current duet and the title track from Rogers’ new critically acclaimed Warner Bros. album – a song that seems to have been written just for them. “When I heard the demo I cried because I thought so much about us and so much of many of my other dear friends,” Parton says. “For me it’s not important for this to be a hit song but it’s important historically to have it on tape,” Rogers added.


Often asked what the secret is to their long friendship, Parton sums it up, “It’s like with my husband; we’re not together that much so it works.”

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