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Some CW highlights from the L+7 and digital data for the week of 10/28:


Both THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and THE ORIGINALS more than doubled their L+SD ratings in W18-34, with THE VAMPIRE DIARIES seeing a huge +126% increase (2.31 vs. 1.02), and THE ORIGINALS growing +106% (2.12 vs. 1.03).


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES also more than doubled its L+SD rating in A18-34 (1.58 vs 0.77, +105%), and nearly doubled its rating in A18-49 (1.75 vs 0.88, +99%). In total viewers, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES increased +74% compared to L+SD (3.6M vs 2.07M). Additionally, the 10/31 episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES was viewed more than 2.3 million times online (2.31M initiated streams), surpassing the number of total viewers who watched the episode the same night on broadcast.


THE ORIGINALS saw an +83% jump in A18-34 in L+7 compared to L+SD, a +71% gain in A18-49, and a +56% increase in total viewers (2.05M vs 3.21M). Digital viewing added an additional 1.37M streams, accounting for +30% of the total audience for that week’s episode.


ARROW grew by +79% in A18-34 (1.11 vs 0.62), by +76% in A18-49 (1.32 vs 0.75), and by +56% in total viewers (3.69M vs 2.37M). Digital viewing for that week’s episode accounted for 25% of the total audience for the show.


New series THE TOMORROW PEOPLE and REIGN also both saw significant time-shifting, with THE TOMORROW PEOPLE rising by +73% in A18-34 (0.76 vs 0.44), and by +74% among A18-49 (0.99 vs 0.57). REIGN saw gains of +59% in W18-34 (0.92 vs 0.58), by +59% in W18-49 (1.32 vs 0.83), by +55% in A18-34 (0.59 vs 0.38), and by +54% in A18-49 (0.91 vs 0.59).

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