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Six Dance Acts To Compete In The First Of Three Live Semi-Final Episodes

The Winner of America’s Vote for the 18th Spot in the Semi-Finals Will Be Revealed Live

CBS today announced the six dance acts who will compete in the first LIVE semi-final episode of LIVE TO DANCE, Wednesday, Jan. 12 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  The identity of the 18th dance act, who was selected by America through voting, will be revealed during the LIVE show.

During Wednesday’s episode, the six dance acts will compete against each other LIVE in the first semi-final episode with two acts advancing—one chosen by the experts and one chosen by America.  After a total of three semi-final episodes, the six dance acts that have advanced will compete against one another in one final round.  Following the final performances, America will vote for the winner of LIVE TO DANCE, which will be announced LIVE during the season finale, on Wednesday, Feb. 9 (8:00-9:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT).

The six dance acts confirmed to compete on the first live broadcast of LIVE TO DANCE are (listed in no particular order):

Bev & Hap

Beverly Polcyn                                                  Hap Palmer

Age: 83                                                            Age: 68

Hometown: Woodland Hills, Calif.                       Hometown: Woodland Hills, Calif.

The Vibe

Group Members (Age)       Hometown                   Group Members (Age) Hometown

Alexis Pearson (21)            Orem, UT                    Kandice Smith (26)      Woods Cross, UT

Arianna Brockbank (16)     Orem, UT                    Katie Anderson (13)                 Lehi, UT

Austin Oliver (16)               West Jordan, UT          Kelsey Skousen (18)               Provo, UT

Blayke Piggott        (16)     Provo, UT                    Leif Belnap (14)                      Payson, UT

Brandon Armstrong (16)     Lehi, UT                       Lindsay Arnold (16)               Provo, UT

Brelynn Brockbank (14)     Orem, UT                    Madison Loveless (14)             Pleasant Grove, UT

Brittany Cherry (16)           Pleasant Grove, UT      McKenna Fullmer (13)             Provo, UT

Brock Bodily (17)              Pleasant Grove, UT      Melissa Hale (17)                      Prow, UT

Brooklyn Fullmer (15)        Provo, UT                    Monique Leroy (13)                 Draper, UT

Chanel Ross (12)                Provo, UT                    Natalie Jaco (14)                    Lehi, UT

Chaz Bodily (23)                Pleasant Grove, UT      Nicholas Bloxsom-Carter (19)       Orem, UT

Chris Coca (16)                 Lehi, UT                       Peiter Mortensen (17)              Riverton, UT

Colton Lords (14)              Pleasant Grove, UT      Sanalie Cindrich (14)                Highland, UT

Cori McCarthy (14)           Riverton, UT                Savannah Cross (17)                Sandy, UT

David Lopez (18)               Riverton, UT                Seth Belnap (21)                      Payson, UT

Ellie Smith (15)                  Provo, UT                    Tanisha Belnap (16)                  Payson, UT

Erika Mouritsen (14)          Pleasant Grove, UT      Tristen Sosa (13)                      Orem, UT

Hally Smith (13)                 Provo, UT                    Tynah Hamilton (13)                 Provo, UT

Jenson Arnold (12)             Provo, UT                    Witney Carson (16)                  Lehi, UT

Jittin’ Genius

Brandon Hobbs

Age: 26

Hometown: Detroit, Mich.

Chi-Town Finest Breakers

Group Members (Age)                   Hometown

Alazaie Mercedes Borjas (11)         Chicago, Ill.

Enrique Borjas (9)                         Chicago, Ill.

Lucio Mercedes Borjas (13)           Chicago, Ill.

Mercedes Borjas (6)                      Chicago, Ill.

Santos Enrique Borjas (10)             Chicago, Ill.

D’Angelo & Amanda

D’Angelo Castro                           Amanda Carbajales

Age:10                                        Age: 11

Hometown: Miami, Fla.                 Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Austen Acevedo

Austen Acevedo

Age: 11

Hometown: Orlando, Fla.

LIVE TO DANCE is based on a format created by Princess Productions and Shine TV and is produced by Reveille.  Elisabeth Murdoch, Howard T. Owens, Paula Abdul, James Sunderland, Anthony Dominici and Robin Ashbrook are executive producers.

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