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NEW YORK—March 14, 2011—MSNBC’s award-winning documentary unit will premiere two new seasons of its popular law enforcement series, “Lockup Extended Stay” and “The Squeeze” on Saturday, March 19, at 10pm and 1am ET, respectively.

The Orange County Jail in Southern California holds nearly 7,000 inmates, qualifying it as one of the nation’s top 10 largest prisons. Producers of MSNBC’s critically-acclaimed “Lockup Extended Stay” series spent six grueling months scouring this Orange County “mega jail” to bring viewers the most fascinating and poignant stories from the inmates inside. The four brand-new episodes of “Lockup Orange County: Extended Stay” will air on MSNBC at 10pm ET over four consecutive Saturdays, beginning March 19.

In addition to the premiere of “Lockup Orange County: Extended Stay,” MSNBC will expand its long form portfolio with the second season of Chicago-based police series, “The Squeeze.” Featuring some of the most dynamic personalities on television, “The Squeeze” chronicles Chicago’s Criminal Intelligence Unit as they struggle to uncover and prevent rampant gang activity despite major budget cuts and short staffing. Three new episodes of “The Squeeze” will at 1am ET over three consecutive Saturdays, beginning March 19.

Below is the schedule of upcoming premieres as well as descriptions of each episode.

Saturday, March 19

10pm ET: “Lockup Orange County: Extended Stay: Murder and Miracles”

“Lockup” producers introduce 55-year-old inmate Clarence Butterfield, a self-proclaimed devout Christian accused of torturing, killing and concealing the corpse of his 21-year-old daughter in an ice chest of his motor home for 2 years. We also meet 33-year-old Brian James just hours after he was arrested for a night of mayhem in which he led police officers on a high-speed chase and nearly ran over one officer. After discovering another arrestee was charged with sexual battery, James nearly strangles the inmate to death with the laces of his tennis shoes.

1am ET: “The Squeeze: Where’s the Love?”

Finding a good informant is always a roll of the dice. But following a tip from jail corrections staff, Cook County Criminal Intelligence Unit investigators have plucked a new inmate with real potential. He’s giving up inside information about a Mexican drug cartel operating in Chicago. While 50 miles away, the Sheriff’s police are on the prowl for dope hustlers and gang members.

Saturday, March 26

10pm ET: “Lockup Orange County: Extended Stay: Unholy Trinity”

This episode follows the jail experience of Beau De’Arborne and Michelle Cumberson, a husband and wife who have been arrested for rape and sodomy. Culberson’s cellmate readily admits her drinking problem, which led her to accidentally run over her boyfriend and flee the scene after getting intoxicated at brunch. We are also introduced to OC Jail’s high profile inmate Brian Wozniak, a locally known playhouse actor accused of murdering two people and draining their bank accounts to pay for his upcoming wedding.

1am ET: “The Squeeze: Game Over”

One former inmate begins his career as an informant while locked up at Chicago’s Cook County Jail. Providing information about a West Side neighborhood known for its heavy drug traffic and murders, he claims that two-dozen members of rival gangs have joined together to do business under one boss. Now, armed with a list of targets, investigators hash out a game plan.

Saturday, April 2

10pm ET: “Lockup Orange County: Extended Stay: Highs and Lows”

Jared Petrovich and Stephen Carlstrom detail the controversial events that led to the murder of John Chamberlain in one of the jail’s low security housing units. As two of the nine inmates charged with Chamberlain’s murder, both men have entered not guilty pleas. The episode also turns its focus on how drugs, either directly or indirectly, lead to the vast majority of arrests made in Orange County.

1am ET: “The Squeeze: Ace in the Hole”

A major push by Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart had led to stricter dog fighting laws in Illinois. Armed with stiffer penalties, authorities have more leverage to use against arrestees. While female informants can be some of the toughest to recruit, one such inmate has given up a counterfeit money ring on Chicago’s south side.

Saturday, April 9

10pm ET: “Lockup Orange County: Extended Stay: Cabin Fever”

Mod Q, a protective custody wing at the Orange County Jail, houses openly gay and transgender inmates in order to prevent them from being harassed by other inmates in general population. This wing is full of high drama, as the inmates, most of them men in their 20’s deal with an abundance of willing sexual partners and the restrictions of incarceration. The episode also features two other male cellmates. Officials launch an investigation when one of them turns up with two blackened eyes.

“Lockup Extended Stay” and “The Squeeze” are MSNBC original productions. “Lockup” is produced with 44 Blue Productions; Elise Warner is the Executive Producer of “Lockup,” MSNBC. Rasha Drachkovitch is Executive Producer, Jim Cirigliano is Co-Executive Producer and Chris Rowe is Supervising Producer, 44 Blue. “The Squeeze” is produced with 20 West Productions. Vicki Sufian is the Senior Producer of “The Squeeze,” MSNBC. Melissa Cutlip and Scot Thor are Co-Executive Producers, Lance Hori is Series Supervising Producer, 20 West Productions. Michael Rubin is Vice President, Long Form Programming and Scott Hooker is Senior Executive Producer, Documentary Production and Development, MSNBC.

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