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Nine-Episode Series Based On the Real Life Experiences of Rising Star Liz Lee To Feature New Form of Network Storytelling

New York, NY – (January 8, 2010) – Jock? Band member? Cheerleader? Goth? Questions of identity burden most teenagers and for those of them who have  been made to feel like outsiders or have felt the pressure to fit in, MTV celebrates the teenage rebel refusing conformity in the new series “My Life As Liz” premiering on Monday, January 18 at 10:30pm ET/PT. Based on the real-life experiences of Liz Lee, a quick-witted 17-year old and self-proclaimed fish-out-of-water caught in the small pond of Burleson, Texas, the series follows Lee as she attempts to make her senior year one of great transformation. Through intimate conversation and inner-monologues, fans will get to know and to love Liz Lee’s identifiable and unforgettable perspective.

“This series is a brand new form of storytelling for MTV and in this highly stylized unique programming venture, fans will get to know and to love Liz Lee’s relatable and unforgettable perspective through intimate conversation and inner-monologues,” said Dave Sirulnick, EVP of MTV Docs. “Liz Lee is turning peer pressure on its ear in order to chart her own course, which often has difficult yet unexpected consequences. She’s smart, funny and above all – unafraid to be different – someone I think our audience will respect.”

“My Life As Liz” documents a genuine and often humorous journey of self-discovery as Liz carves out her place amongst her peers. As a former “popular” girl during her freshman year, Liz hung out with the schools’ blonde bombshells – including the most feared mean girl in her class, Cori Cooper, but after a major falling out with her former clique, Liz has bonded with Burleson High’s “nerds” and is venturing into new territory during her senior year, as she and her cohorts try to make their final year together one they can be proud of. The self-described slacker gets personal by sharing her thoughts and experiences through unique and authentic narrative. Her openness and honesty allow viewers to bear witness to some of the rawest-moments that come with being a teenage girl.

The cast of “My Life As Liz” is:

Cori Cooper: The ultimate “mean” girl, Cori leads a pack of blonde look-a-likes who love to terrorize Liz with gossip, innuendo, and general nastiness.  Cori and Liz were best friends until their freshman year, but when she found out that she was hanging out with some of the school’s “nerds” – she ostracized Liz and banned her from their clique forever.

Taylor Terry: Although a popular cheerleader, fitness competitor, and friend to Cori, Taylor actually admires Liz for her individuality and ability to accept herself. Taylor works hard to befriend Liz and gain her trust, which eventually leads to a showdown with Cori.

Bryson: After meeting in English class, Liz and Bryson become quick confidantes and because of Bryson’s good looks, overall charm, and general coolness – Liz immediately starts to pine for something more.  The only problem is Bryson’s unwavering loyalty to his girlfriend.  Will Bryson ultimately realize that Liz is the one he can’t let get away?

Sully: Liz’s nerdy best friend. He’s always available to battle with light sabers, play dice for comic books, or spend the afternoon larping.  Along with pals Miles and Troy, these boys help Liz through one predicament after another – providing support, friendship, and much needed comic relief.

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“My Life As Liz” is executive produced by Dave Sirulnick and Marshall Eisen for MTV. Lindsey Bannister and Joe Van Harken also serve as executive producers on the series. Betty Park is Co-Executive Producer and Jessica Antonini and Clayton Cogswell are series producers.


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