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Leading Bilingual Cable Network boasts best July delivery in Prime-Time and Total Day in key demographics

Maintains #1 Bilingual Cable Network position for YLA’s

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA AUGUST 8, 2011 – mun2 boasted its seventh consecutive month of year-to-year growth delivering its highest July ever – double-digit growth across all demographics with 69,000 Persons 2+, 43,000 Adults 18-49 and 28,000 Adults 18-34 in Prime-Time (Monday-Sunday 7pm-11pm). The growth was tied to the success of mun2’s original programming including “RPM Miami,” “ I Love Jenni,” “Beauties & The Boss,” “The Look “ and “18 & Over” in addition to consistent channel favorites “Have You Cine” and “WWE Smackdown!”

The network also continues to lead the YLA (Young Latino Americans) audience, delivering +33% growth in Adults 18-34 from the previous year, and a 68% share of audience in Prime-Time amongst bilingual cable networks. In adults 18-49 the network had a 38% growth in Prime-Time vs. July of last year.

mun2 had its best Total Day (Monday-Sunday, 8am–2am) this past July 2011 with 46,000 persons 2+, 29,000 adults 18-49 and 21,000 adults 18-34, a growth of +31% in adults 18-34.

mun2’s “You’re On Weekends” (Saturday-Sunday, 12pm – 7pm) grabbed 55,000 persons 2+, 34,000 adults 18-49 and 26,000 adults 18-34. “You’re On Weekends” grew by +18% year over year among adults 18-34. ”You’re On Weekends” hosts the networks original programming premieres, which includes its recently launched its’ paranormal investigation series “From Beyond.”

The network’s original programs showed digital growth on with the site hitting over 300,000 daily page views multiple times during the month. Original made for web videos drove traffic including the “Vatos and Aliens” video featuring Ana de la Regura of “Cowboys & Aliens.” Original mun2 series had successful digital hits including “Beauties & The Boss” with 169,000 page views, a gain of +34% from June, “RPM Miami” garnering 364,000 page views, a 32% increase from June. The newly launched “From Beyond” had over 700 likes on its Facebook page five days after its premiere. “The mun2 Look” increased pageviews 58% to 37,000 views and the News section had 502,000 page views, up 9% from June.

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Source: NPM L+SD IMP; July’11 (6/27/11-7/31/11) vs June’10 (5/30/11-6/26/11) & July’11 (6/28/10-7/25/10). Competitive: NPM-H L+SD IMP (vs GAL, DSE, FOXD, ESPND, DFAM, GOL TV, Tr3S, MTV, MTV2, BET, VH1, FUSE). Digital: Omniture July’11 (7/1/11-7/31/11).


About mun2

mun2 (moon-dos) is the lifestyle cable network for today’s culture connectors (C2s) –

bicultural Latinos 18-34. As the bilingual network that amplifies the Latinos experience,

mun2 is culturally-grounded and reflects the best of both worlds – mun2 is uniquely

American. From reality to music, on-air to digital, mun2 creates original content across a

multi-screen platform. As the only nationally measured bilingual cable network by

Nielsen NTI, mun2 has an increased distribution to over 36 million households, and is a

part of Telemundo, a division of NBCUniversal.

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