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Premieres Tuesday, December 18 at 10PM (et/pt)
When Joe Darger married his wife, Alina, it was a quiet, simple ceremony, except for the fact that he also married Alina’s cousin, Vicki, on the very same day. Marrying two women at once was unprecedented even in their polygamist culture.  A few years later, Joe took a third wife, and this time he married Vicki’s twin sister, Val.  As a plural family, they all live together in the same house, raising all two dozen children as if they were their own.  But as some of their kids come of age, this big polygamist family faces some major challenges.  What happens when protective father, Joe, discovers his daughter is engaged on Facebook?  Is the mysterious groom-to-be a polygamist?  And will Papa Joe ever give his blessing to marry his daughter?  Take a step inside the original “Big Love” and meet the family that started it all. 
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