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This Real-Life ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ Pulls Back The Curtain To Reveal What Really Goes On Behind The Walls Of The Maximum Security Indiana Women’s Prison


May 14, 2015 (New York, N.Y.) – Investigation Discovery (ID), America’s leading mystery and suspense network, today announced the debut of “Women in Prison,” a new hour-long, three-episode docu-series, premiering Thursday, June 11 at 10pm ET/PT. Indiana Women’s Prison houses 600 inmates with maximum security and is the backdrop for this cast of surprisingly relatable and bold characters. A real-life version of “Orange Is the New Black,” the program explores the lives of women who, often after one tragic misstep, end up on the wrong side of the law. Featuring profiles on a suburban soccer mom, a high school art teacher and a Preacher’s daughter, these unlikely convicts confess to their shocking crimes and reveal how they’ve learned to survive in this hostile, alien environment.


This genre-breaking format features two women in each episode and mixes the reality of prison life with dramatic recreations of how each of the characters ended up behind bars.  As viewers get to know these women, they will be desperate to learn what crimes each committed, culminating in a shocking revelation at the very end of each episode.


“Women in Prison is incredibly honest, raw and emotionally engaging in a way that really sets the series apart,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President at Discovery. “This is a world that television viewers think they know from series like ‘Orange is the New Black’ but, as is so often the case, the reality of this unseen and unknown world is often more interesting than even the most compelling fiction.” 


Episode 101: Hannah and Alicia (Thursday, June 11 at 10pm ET)



Soccer mom Alicia is the Indiana Women’s Prison answer to ‘Piper’ from Orange Is the New Black. A year ago, she was living the perfect suburban life, but behind closed doors she was secretly committing fraud. She never thought she’d wind up in prison until she was caught red handed and forced to leave behind her husband and baby boy.  Now she’s inside, her relationship with her husband is on the rocks and she’s fighting for custody of her son. But there is one silver lining – a blossoming relationship with another prisoner.



How on earth did preacher’s daughter Hannah end up in prison?  Because of the horrific nature of her crime, her preacher father is the only member of her family who will still speak to her. The rebellious teen was involved in a violent and tragic chain of events that ended in savage murder and was sent to prison at age 17.  She will remain locked up until old age, though her past continues to haunt her from the outside.


Episode 102: Red and Lara (Thursday, June 18 at 10pm ET)



Loud and badass, Red is one of the prison’s biggest characters. So much so, she emcees the annual prison talent show, wowing the audience with her quick wit and easy charm. Everyone knows Red, but beneath her comedic and tough exterior, she has a big heart and she’s in turmoil over her fractured relationship with her mom. When they finally come back together in an emotional reunion, Red reveals the full extent of her audacious crimes and vows to change her ways forever.



Loner Lara is one of the prison’s more introverted inhabitants.  Few of the inmates know who she is, though there’s plenty of gossip about her crime. Determined to set the record straight, Lara writes an autobiographical song to perform at the annual prison Talent Show. Will she finally be able to reveal the true extent of her brutal crime?

Episode 103: Anastazia and Betsy (Thursday, June 25 at 10pm ET)



Former art teacher Betsy made one foolish mistake that means she can never return to her previous life.  She struggles with the lengthy sentence she received for her crime, but is learning to accept her colorless existence in Indiana Women’s Prison. In order to build her confidence, she’s using her time inside constructively and plans to share her teaching talent with her fellow inmates. Can Betsy rediscover the woman she was before she took a wrong turn?



Intelligent and articulate, long-termer Anastazia seems an unlikely inmate to be incarcerated for many years, but one snap decision changed the course of her life forever.  Her shocking crime landed her a lengthy sentence and now she’s faced with the impossible challenge of parenting her daughter from behind bars. All this because, like so many of the women locked up in this prison, she fell for the wrong guy. 


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