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New ‘Life Lessons’ TV Show With Unique Live and Web Platforms

M@dAbout is targeted to the tween/teen market

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 7 — M@dAbout offers a multi-platform marketing opportunity that includes national live in-school performances, printed curriculum components, and a syndicated website along with the weekly syndicated television show. A preview live tour – in concert with the premiere episodes of the new series – will take place in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City between September 20 and October 8.

M@dAbout’s syndicated television show, will begin airing across the US the week of September 6 in more than 85 percent of all TV viewing households. This show is the brainchild of Minneapolis-based The National Theatre for Children (NTC) as a way to communicate real-life lessons to the tween and teen markets in a fun way. A true educational and informative (E/I) series, each TV episode relies on a small company of skilled comedic actors to explore significant topics within a subject area. It incorporates comic monologues, sketch and improv comedy, eye-catching animation, original music, and humorous “man on the street” interviews about life’s issues.

For example, “Zombie Dad” is about a dead dad who helps his family learn how to prioritize their needs and wants, as well as how different skills can help in life and at work… oh, and he eats brains! “Space for Rent” features an alien who attempts to collect rent from Earth but is outsmarted by a wily teen. And “Credit Card” follows the antics of a motor-mouth credit card who pleads with its owner to pay down her debt so they can spend wisely in the future.

The live tour platform brings professional actors into schools to deliver a 45-minute, audience participation/improv show complete with curriculum, web activities and social media components. Visit M@dAbout’s Facebook page for many great behind-the-scenes photos, videos and updates from the production:

Organizations interested in sponsoring M@dAbout should call 612-341-0882.

About The National Theatre for Children

The National Theatre for Children has developed a unique communications strategy that combines live theatre and multi-platform educational materials in order to communicate complicated messages to hard to reach audiences. NTC is the largest in-school touring educational theatre company in the world. Each year they perform live educational theatre programs in front of millions of students, in thousands of schools across the USA. For more information, visit

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