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New World Premiere Special Set to Air Later This Year in the U.S.; Globally in 2013


(Washington, D.C. — August 31, 2012) National Geographic Channel (NGC) announced today a new special by Impossible Pictures — Dragon Wars:  Fire and Fury — which takes viewers inside the greatest battles between man and dragon in Western folklore.  The announcement was made on the opening day of Dragon*con, the largest multimedia, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music and film (, taking place this weekend in Atlanta, Ga.


Dragon Wars will premiere later this year on National Geographic Channel in the U.S. and globally in 2013, in more than 440 million homes in 171 countries and 38 languages.


“The protagonists in these tales were the original superheroes of their day — Batman has his high-tech gadgets and vehicles, Spiderman his superstrength and web spinners — but legends such as Sigurd or Beowulf had only their swords and wits to defeat what many believed to be a real opponent,” shared executive producer for NGC Kevin Mohs.  “With the upcoming release of ‘The Hobbit,’ the fascination with the folklore of this time continues — in fact, many of these ancient Norse and Anglo-Saxon folktales were the inspiration for ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy.”


Told through stunning animated and live action sequences, Dragon Wars:  Fire and Fury will explore the many influences that came together to create the sum of all medieval fears:  the dragon.  Centered around four historically documented dragon reports across centuries, reality and myth collide as accounts of the fire-breathing monsters once described by our ancestors are brought to life.


“Believe it or not, these creatures were once thought to be just as real as wolves, boars or deer,” commented Executive Vice President of Programming Michael Cascio.  “This special will add a historical background to what most of us only know as fairy tales.”


By examining the mysterious landscapes where dragons were believed to have lived and died, weapons that were used to slay them and ancient documents that detail encounters with the beast, Dragon Wars:  Fire and Fury goes inside the age of the dragon.


“The combination of CGI and live action used to illustrate dragon folklore adds a new intensity to familiar stories which have been passed down for centuries, some of which are still part of popular movies and games today,” said Executive Producer Steve Maher from Impossible Pictures.


Dragon Wars:  Fire and Fury is produced for National Geographic Channel by Impossible Pictures.  For Impossible Pictures, executive producers are Steve Maher and Paul Wooding.  For the National Geographic Channel, executive producer is Kevin Mohs; executive vice president of programming is Michael Cascio.

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