And 34 years ago today, the first person wrote “SNL sucks now, it used to be so much better back….”

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Profile America — Monday, October 11th.  Throughout the years, this month has traditionally seen the premier of new television shows, some of which have become recognized as classics. “Saturday Night Live” appeared for the first time 35 years today.  Fifty-five years ago this month, two long-running children’s shows debuted — “Captain Kangaroo” and the “Mickey Mouse Club.” And 60 years ago, in the early days of television, Groucho Marx sat on his high stool for the first time and bantered with contestants on the show “You Bet Your Life.”  Also that year, “The Jack Benny Program” began its transition from a beloved radio show to become one of the nation’s favorite television program.  When Groucho and Jack Benny started their shows in 1950, fewer than four million American homes had television sets.  Profile America is in its 14th year as a public service of the U.S. Census Bureau.

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SOURCE U.S. Census Bureau

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