Supernatural December 9

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Supernatural and The Legend of Korra have been named number one on Tumblr’s Most Reblogged Live Action TV and Most Reblogged Animated TV lists respectively as part of its 2014 Year in Review.

Most Reblogged TV: Live Action

1.       Supernatural 

2.       Sherlock 

3.       Teen Wolf 

4.       Doctor Who 

5.       American Horror Story 

6.       Game Of Thrones 

7.       Orange Is the New Black

8.       The Oscars 2014 

9.       Once Upon a Time 

10.   Hannibal 


Most Reblogged TV: Animated

1.       The Legend of Korra 

2.       Bob’s Burgers 

3.       Avatar: The Last Airbender

4.       The Simpsons 

5.       Adventure Time

6.       SpongeBob SquarePants

7.       Gravity Falls 

8.       My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

9.       Steven Universe 


10.   The Powerpuff Girls

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