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Los Angeles, CA, October 19, 2009 – TV Land has stirred up a magical brew of Halloween-themed episodes of “Roseanne” to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve on Saturday, October 31 from 10:00PM – 2:00AM (ET/PT). Tune in to “Roseanne’s Wicked Halloween Bash” for a haunting night of episodes, including when the Conners have a spooky night of fun with a Ouija board, a hilarious parody of the horror flick “Rosemary’s Baby,” their annual Halloween party at the lodge and finally, a night filled with antics that leads to the arrival of a new family member – Jerry Garcia Conner.

Below are the episodes scheduled to air during “Roseanne’s Wicked Halloween Bash” (all times ET/PT):

10:00 p.m. – “Boo!”

Halloween takes on a whole new meaning when Dan and Roseanne square off to see who can create the best homemade horror. And just when things couldn’t get any creepier, Darlene decides to join in on the act.  By the end, the whole family partakes in the festivities to see who can create the scariest, most frightful costume and pull off the ultimate Halloween prank.  At the Conner “Castle of Horror,” no one’s safe from the terror that fills the house.

10:30 p.m. – “Trick or Treat”

It’s Halloween, and Roseanne is going to a costume party at the Lobo Lounge. When she shows up dressed as a bearded lumberjack, she is a little too convincing and decides to keep up the charade.

11:00 p.m. – “Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down”

It’s Dan and Roseanne’s favorite holiday — Halloween — and they get in the spirit by scaring their obnoxious neighbor, Kathy, with a gruesome trick.  Later, Kathy and her husband unexpectedly show up at Dan’s annual Halloween party at the Lobo Lodge, and Roseanne is sure Kathy has come to seek revenge on the Conners.

11:30 p.m. – “Halloween IV”

Roseanne refuses to take part in the annual Halloween festivities.  In a hilarious take-off of “A Christmas Carol,” Lanford’s “Goddess of Gore” (Roseanne) is visited by the ghosts of Halloween past, present and future, who reflect on her old Halloween antics in an attempt to change her mind and get her to enjoy Halloween again.

12:00 a.m. – “Halloween V”

Roseanne’s friend Nancy (Sandra Bernhard) thinks that Dan dislikes her, so to convince her otherwise, Roseanne persuades Dan to pull a Halloween prank on her.  After all, Dan would never waste a “cool” prank on someone he doesn’t like!  Meanwhile, David and Darlene don’t hesitate a moment to spook the master prankster of them all – Roseanne!

12:30 a.m. – “Skeleton in the Closet”

It’s Roseanne’s favorite holiday, Halloween, and Leon’s planning a “gay” soiree at the diner. During the party, Roseanne is horrified to learn about a dark secret in Fred’s past.  The usual pranks abound as everyone tries to out-spook each other – to a surprising conclusion.

1:00 a.m. – “Halloween:  The Final Chapter”

The Ouija board makes this Halloween the weirdest and the happiest one of all.  During a séance, Dan channels the spirit of Elvis.  Jackie and Roseanne take turns terrorizing each other with scary memories from their childhood and a bizarre parade of trick-or-treaters, including the late Ed McMahon, begin appearing at the Conner’s doorstep.  Then, right in the middle of the festivities, a pregnant Roseanne is rushed to the hospital.  The baby is about to arrive, but first, in a drug-induced haze, Roseanne is contacted by the spirit of Jerry Garcia, who expounds peace, love and happiness.  Finally, Roseanne gives birth to a baby boy: Jerry Garcia Conner.

1:30 a.m. – “Satan, Darling”

Roseanne, Jackie and Nancy attend a high society party in New York for the launch of a new perfume.  They are surrounded by socialites who prove to be a bunch of name-dropping phonies.  They encounter Patsy and Edina (from “Absolutely Fabulous”) at the party where Edina is determined to get Roseanne to part with a lot of her new-found wealth. The women attend a ceremony of a coven of witches where Roseanne is told that her daughter, Darlene, is like “Rosemary’s Baby” and Satan wants to claim her. Roseanne takes a stand and defeats them.  She later wakes up and realizes that it was one big nightmare.

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