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February 14th is around the corner. Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  Husbands, boyfriends and singles, don’t fret because class is officially in session. Pay attention as Weeds funnyman, Andy (Justin Kirk) teaches you to “Storm Her Bastille!”

Andy doesn’t want to hear any whining that you’re all alone this Valentine’s Day. It’s more like Bastille Day, so storm the castle!

Cliffnotes of the University of Andy Valentine’s Day session include:

  • Single? Then hit the bars. Single women will be circling the wagon, and that means shots- a man’s best friend. But don’t be cheap. Buy her friends a round too.  And always the good stuff.
  • In a relationship? Go cute, chocolates and cards go over well, but know your audience.  Don’t hand out single roses like the guy on “The Bachelor” or buy carnations….unless you want to end the night alone.
  • In the bedroom, rose petals are cliché, but candles are a must. Have a lust-ready soundtrack ready to go.  Remember, it’s what she likes not what you like. And no matter what, do not go from Sade to Slayer.
  • Diamonds are a bit much if you’ve only been dating two weeks. Lingerie can also be risky, but worth it if you play your cards right.  Rule of thumb: guess her size, and then buy a size SMALLER.

To enroll, visit and watch the “Valentine’s Day” course now.

WEEDS, SHOWTIME’s top-rated comedy series, will return for a sixth season in the summer of 2010 but until then, fans can enjoy a taste of the show with more lessons in life from Uncle Andy.  Throughout the months leading up to the new season ‘s premiere on SHOWTIME, videos on topics  as  wide-ranging as  “Threesomes ” and “Time Travel , ” to more holiday-themed classes such as “Valentine’s Day” and  “St. Patrick’s Day”  will post at   Each course culminates with a quiz that fans must pass order to earn their degrees.  Fans can share their results and course status through Facebook.

Golden Globe®-nominee Justin Kirk channels his alter-ego’s, zany and unique take on life lessons for the webisodes. On the show, when Nancy’s (Mary-Louise Parker) husband dies unexpectedly, Andy steps in to fill the void and act as de facto dad to his nephews. His sometimes pot-influenced advice ranges from loopy to downright dangerous, but his good intentions always shine through.

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