Via USA Network for November 30-December 6:

  • USA was the most watched entertainment network on cable this week, delivering the most P25-54 (1.40 million,+ 28% over #2 FX), P18-49 (1.37 million, +19% over #2 FX), P18-34 (623,000, +9% over #2 TBS), total viewers (3.34 million, +35% over #2 Disney Channel), and households (2.48 million, +39% over #2 Disney Channel) and earning the highest household coverage rating (2.50, +0.69 over #2 Disney Channel).  No other cable entertainment network delivered over 3 million total viewers or 2 million households in prime.
  • The series finale of MONK, the longest running original drama on cable, was the most watched entertainment telecast of the week as well as the most watched of the 125 episodes of the series, with 3.74 million in P25-54, 3.20 million in P18-49, 9.44 million total viewers, and 6.28 million households.  Only a few shows in television’s history have concluded their runs with a series high, including iconic programs such as “The Fugitive,” “MASH,” “Cheers,” and “Seinfeld.” 
  • More total viewers watched this episode of MONK than any original drama series in basic cable ever.
  • More P25-54, P18-49, and total viewers tuned in to say goodbye to MONK than had attended the farewells to other major cable shows such as “The Shield” (+219% P25-54, +168% P18-49, +413% total viewers) or “Jon & Kate Plus 8” (+67% P25-54, +24% P18-49, +119% total viewers).
  • MONK was the #1 show on television, broadcast or cable, among P25-54, P18-49, P18-34, total viewers, and households on Friday.  For the full week, MONK outperformed new episodes of shows such as “Cold Case,” “Flash Forward,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “Medium,” and “Numbers.” 
  • The fall season finale of WHITE COLLAR also hit series highs with 2.25 million in P25-54, 2.12 million in P18-49, 829,000 in P18-34, and 5.55 million total viewers. 
  • WHITE COLLAR delivered more P18-34 than any other entertainment offering on television, broadcast or cable, running head to head in the 10P hour Friday.  “Numbers” was the only entertainment option on television in the 10P hour to deliver more P18-49, P25-54, total viewers, or households than WHITE COLLAR, edging the cable drama out by only 1,000 P18-49 viewers.  WHITE COLLAR outperformed new episodes of broadcast dramas this week including “Eastwick,”” Ugly Betty,” and “The Forgotten.”
  • WWE MONDAY Night RAW was the most watched entertainment program in cable prime Monday, taking the top two telecasts and delivering more P25-54 (2.10 million), P18-49, (2.16 million), P18-34 (1.09 million), total viewers (4.67 million), and households (3.15 million) in prime than any other entertainment offering on cable.
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