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–Original Series Set to Debut in a Special Two Episode World Premiere on Velocity Wednesday, April 22 at 9 and 10 PM ET/PT 


(Silver Spring, Md.) – Don’t tell Andy Cohen that “father knows best.” As the owner of several successful auto businesses Andy manages the complexities of a custom car shop and the mayhem of a fast-paced junkyard where old autos, cast-off car parts and salvageable metals are turned into cold hard cash. He’s trying to run a well-oiled operation and relies on his dad Bobby to help out by managing the very lucrative junkyard. But Bobby’s easy going, old school ways conflict with Andy’s hard charging style and sparks fly in Velocity’s original new series JUNKYARD EMPIRE, world premiering with back-to-back episodes Wednesday, April 22 at 9 PM and 10 PM ET/PT on Velocity.


JUNKYARD EMPIRE has all of our viewers’ favorite ingredients – huge personalities, genuine expertise and four-wheeled brilliance,” said Robert Scanlon, General Manager, Velocity. “Andy and Bobby are razor-sharp businessmen who see dollar signs where others don’t. That acumen, their boisterous personalities and the tense father-son dynamic make for an entertaining experience as they turn all of that metal into cash.”


Each hour-long episode of JUNKYARD EMPIRE features Andy Cohen, a jack of all trades with a keen eye for recognizing the high-priced payoff in automotive rubble. Cohen uses his talents to manage the junkyard, as well as a custom car shop. Any monkey wrench that gets thrown into his structured plans cuts into profitability. Bobby, who started the junkyard years ago, thinks his son is spreading himself too thin and insists on “helping” by running the junkyard while Andy is away. Bobby’s relaxed style and alternative plans irritate his son making the high risk/high reward junkyard business even more of a roller coaster ride. At the end of the day the Cohens know how to exploit every greasy part or burned up engine to keep the family empire thriving.



In JUNKYARD EMPIRE the hunt is on for big, washed up metal–cars, motorcycles, boats, homes, campers and heavy equipment–from police impounds, private auctions, dealers, random driveways or old lots. What might look like a rusted out beater to most people is pure gold in the seasoned eyes of Andy and Bobby as they hunt valuable parts, scrap metal or a potential highend fabrication for their clientele. Once back at the junkyard its pure hustle-and-bustle chaos as cars are lifted, stacked, torched, stripped and scrapped. At the custom car shop the once ruined cars are brought back to life one panel and plug at a time transforming the trash into treasure for high dollar customers.

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