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            The dynamic news show VICE kicks off its 14-edition third season FRIDAY, MARCH 6 (11:00-11:45 p.m. ET/PT), immediately following “Real Time with Bill Maher,” with other new editions debuting subsequent Fridays at the same time. HBO partners with VICE, the revolutionary new media company, on the Emmy®-winning weekly series.

            Always unorthodox and at times irreverent, VICE takes viewers around the globe as its correspondents cover stories often overlooked by traditional media outlets. Reporting on today’s most pressing issues, VICE uses an immersive documentary style to bring a unique perspective to the events shaping the future.

            Hosted by VICE Media founder Shane Smith, the series is executive produced by Bill Maher, Shane Smith, Eddy Moretti, VICE’s chief creative officer, and BJ Levin, with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria serving as consultant.

            In the 2015 season, VICE investigates a broad range of topics, including climate change, the state of American policing, the movement of families fleeing gang violence in Central America, and new drug trafficking routes from South America to Africa.

            This season also sees the addition of new award-winning correspondents to the show’s roster. Along with Shane Smith, the 2015 lineup includes VICE Media co-founder Suroosh Alvi; conflict-zone journalist, documentary filmmaker and author Ben Anderson; Emmy®-nominated producer and correspondent Gianna Toboni; filmmaker and producer Vikram Gandhi; correspondent Isobel Yeung; and longtime VICE correspondent Thomas Morton.

            March’s editions include:

            Show #23

            Debut: FRIDAY, MARCH 6 (11:00-11:45 p.m. ET/PT)

            Other HBO playdates: March 6 (1:40 a.m.), 7 (2:20 a.m.), 9 (3:15 a.m.) and 12 (12:30 a.m.)

            HBO2 playdates: March 7 (8:45 p.m.), 8 (5:45 p.m.), 9 (10:30 p.m.), 11 (12:45 a.m.) and 19 (11:00 p.m.)

            The oceans are rising. With human use of hydrocarbons skyrocketing, waters around the globe are getting hotter, and now this warm sub-surface water is washing into Antarctica’s massive western glaciers, causing them to retreat and break off. Antarctica holds 90% of the world’s ice and 70% of its freshwater, so if even a small fraction of the ice sheet in Antarctica melts, the resulting sea level rise will completely remap the world as we know it – and it is already happening. In the last decade, some of the most significant glaciers here have tripled their melt rate.

            VICE founder Shane Smith travels to the bottom of the world to investigate the instability of the West Antarctic ice sheet and see firsthand how the continent is melting. VICE also follows the rising oceans to Bangladesh for a glimpse into the world’s underwater future. From the UN Climate conference to the People’s Climate March to the forces that deny the science of global climate change, this special extended report covers all sides of the issue and all corners of the globe, ending in a special interview with Vice President Joe Biden.


            Show #24

            Debut: FRIDAY, MARCH 13 (11:00-11:30 p.m.)

            Other HBO playdates: March 13 (1:30 a.m.), 14 (4:25 a.m.), 15 (9:30 p.m.), 16 (5:35 a.m.) and 19 (12:30 a.m.)

            HBO2 playdates: March 14 (8:30 p.m.), 15 (2:00 p.m.), 18 (12:50 a.m.) and 19 (11:45 p.m.)

            The fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. last summer sparked a series of protests, which quickly spread throughout the country. As the situation came to light, so too did a fierce debate about the increasing militarization of the U.S. police force. Thomas Morton goes to Ferguson at the height of the protests to get an in-depth look at the situation on the ground. He then goes to Urban Shield in Oakland, Cal. and talks to expert Radley Balko to learn how U.S. SWAT teams and police are being trained and how they are getting military-grade equipment to police their communities.

            Over the last two years, there has been an influx of thousands of Central Americans immigrating to the United States, many of whom are fleeing rampant gang violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Suroosh Alvi visits El Salvador to see the conditions that are motivating this mass migration north, and then travels from El Salvador through Mexico to see the perilous journey on top of a network of trains, called “The Beast,” that many of these immigrants must take to get to the United States.


            Concluding its 12-edition second season in June 2014, VICE received a Primetime Emmy® in the category of Outstanding Informational Series or Special last August.

            Founded by Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi in 1994, VICE now operates in 35 countries worldwide and attracts tens of millions of viewers and readers to its network of online channels dedicated to music, fashion, travel, news and technology. VICE’s international digital content platforms and magazine are Gen Y’s most popular and entertaining source for news, part of a global media powerhouse that also includes a television production studio, a record label, an in-house creative services agency and a book-publishing division.


            VICE is executive produced by Bill Maher, Shane Smith, Eddy Moretti and BJ Levin; co-executive producer, Jonah Kaplan; consulting producer, Fareed Zakaria

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