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TLC’s hit series HOARDING: BURIED ALIVE returns with season four premiering this Sunday, July 8 at 9/8c.


When 51-year-old Cary steps out on stage in his Elvis jumpsuit he’s invincible, the picture of confidence.  But behind closed doors, his love for the king of rock and roll has grown into an obsession with life changing ramifications. Every inch of his apartment outside of Manhattan has been taken over by Elvis memorabilia and over the past decade that obsession has crossed over into the realm of compulsive hoarding.  Now, with his home virtually uninhabitable and his bank account almost empty, Cary’s friends Joe and Francesca are giving him an ultimatum – it’s either their friendship or the stuff.  But for Cary the thought of letting anything go is paralyzing. With the help of licensed psychologist Dr. Rebecca Beaton and professional organizer Leslie Josel, Cary is challenged to make a change.


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