in the ongoing theme of “the battle for the bottom-third of your screen”, from Advertising Age:

NEW YORK ( — Guess what, ad skippers: Someone’s got your number.

In an effort certain to raise eyebrows, search engine just started an ad campaign that relies mostly on “crawls” that show up in the lower part of the screen during selected cable programs. While the marketer will still run traditional commercials, it also hopes to capture attention by posing questions to viewers at the bottom of the screen about the very subject matter they are watching at the moment. To get the answer, those watching will need to surf to the company’s search site. crawl crawl

WANT TO LEARN MORE? Ask promises to answer all your Brangelina, turtle queries. didn’t intend to force a showdown over the state of TV advertising today, but its hard-to-miss promotions could do just that. The TV industry is sorting out how to deal with an ever-increasing number of viewers armed with fast-forwarding DVRs who skip the ads that support the programs they love to watch. — read the rest on

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