An interesting chart showing DVR subscription trends from Magna Insights:

The estimated 50.7 million DVR households for 2014 is about 44% of the current 114.9 million US TV households.

DVR Users

Here’s some additional data on DVR usage  and ownership from the latest Magna Quarterly On-Demand report. The entire report is big (you can likely download the entire report here soon, but the latest is currently not yet available).


Playback of recorded TV on DVRs as % of total TV consumption appears to be rising – but reasons are unclear

•       New adopters of DVRs may not spend as much time playing back content on their DVRs compared to people we would describe as “power-users” (past research indicated that ~30% of DVR users account for ~70% of aggregated DVR consumption), who likely were among the first to acquire DVRs.  It should follow that DVR use will not increase as rapidly as penetration rises.  Although there was a decline in DVR consumption within DVR homes between 4Q06 and 4Q07, in recent periods, this trend has reversed.  Changes are modest (falling within a statistically insignificant range), but a few factors may explain them:

•       More years of owning DVRs causes all audiences to increase reliance on DVRs

•       More years of owning DVRs causes some audiences to increase reliance on DVRs

•       Programming strategies produce more “DVR-worthy” content which causes increased DVR consumption

•       The true answer (or answers) behind live TV erosion are difficult to know with certainty.  However, we can say with certainty that total DVR consumption is small in total.  By 2011 – 10 years after widespread availability – DVRs will be in approximately 35% of TV homes.  With less than 10% total-day DVR consumption, less than 4% of total universe TV consumption will occur on DVRs.  But over the same 10 years, TV consumed per person and the US population will have increased by more than 10%each.  The cumulative effect is a significant increase in absolute measures of live TV consumption despite the presence of DVRs

•       This reinforces our view that DVRs do not necessarily negatively impact the TV industry.  Instead, they contribute to viewer attachment to TV and in turn allow it to remain a primary marketing vehicle for the foreseeable future

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