You always post all kinds of  press releases for iPad/iPhone apps but nothing from Comcast?  It released a really cool Xfinity app today that allows you to use your iPhone or iPad as a remote of sorts, where you can fire up On Demand titles with a good, easy to use interface instead of the craptastic Comcast On Demand interface on their set top box.  Why no love?


Bill and I had an e-mail exchange today about the Xfinity app and I agree with you completely about how much easier it is to select On Demand titles now.  I installed the app, signed in and it worked great with no fuss.  If you’ve got an iPad or an iPhone using the 4.x iOS and are a Comcast Xfinity customer with a set top, check it out by searching on Xfinity in the App Store.  It’s pretty cool.

As for why we don’t post Comcast releases, it’s because we don’t usually get them.  I haven’t had much luck with Comcast or its vast empire.  I’ve tried to get added, for example to the release distribution for Versus multiple times, but their PR guy (Meier Raivich) apparently doesn’t believe in FREE PR.  What can I tell you?

Despite this, I am a  happy Comcast customer.

Fortunately, as Comcast’s empire grows vaster, NBC and most all their cable channels (I confess I love the USA Network PR crew) are very good to us.

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