Update 1/31/09: SoBe Superbowl commercial in HD/3D pushed out to YouTube a Bit early. Get your glasses on and watch it in HD and be sure to watch it in full screen mode.

Update: one of the best parts of blogging is people in the comments who experimented more than I did. I initially watched the videos via the web browser and found it kinda meh, which is why I didn’t originally talk about them. But then I downloaded them per Joseph’s comment, and wow, what a difference. For one, the video was a lot smoother, and secondly, and probably more importantly, I could view in full screen. As Joseph notes, the bears are impressive (the snake, perhaps even moreso in terms of coming WAY out of the screen!).

Warning though, it’s a huge download if you download all the movies in large format (almost 300MB). It took me about 7 minutes for the download for me via broadband cable. Well worth it!

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Well, you could wait until the Super Bowl and Chuck, but since many went through great hardship to get the glasses — ok, it wasn’t like walking barefoot on broken glass or trudging through a blizzard, but why wait to play with them!?

I probably should’ve looked at the print on the glasses themselves, but thanks to commenter Grace, I played around with the demos that utilize the 3D glasses for Chuck and the Super Bowl at http://www.colorcode3d.com/gallery/index.htm.

I thought the best picture of the demos is the one that winds up linking here:


I liked it the best since it had the most pronounced 3D effect for me (and no, I’m not saying I liked it better than the boobs, only that there was more of a 3D effect with the planes).

One thing I noticed is this, bigger really seems to be better with the 3D effect. When I looked at the jet fighters in the link above, it looked very cool on the web site, but I wondered how it would look if I downloaded it to my PC and resized it to take up my whole desktop (1900×1200 on a 24″ monitor). The answer is that it looked quite a bit cooler, and the effect was even more pronounced.

So it would seem that size does indeed matter and the bigger the screen you see the 3D Super Bowl commercials (for Monsters vs. Aliens and Sobe) and Chuck on, the better.

I’m not sure how good it will be in terms of the TV broadcasts on Sunday and Monday, but in general I was much more impressed with the 3D technology (especially with free cardboard glasses) than I thought I would be.

Still don’t have your glasses yet? Here’s a post with the participating retailers.

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