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Heads-up this Sunday: AERIAL AMERICA: MADE IN THE USA premieres on Sunday, August 11th at 9:00 pm ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel

Smithsonian Channel’s overhead tour of the 50 states continues with an aerial look at some of the most innovative companies in the nation. The most expansive aerial television project ever produced, AERIAL AMERICA provides rare glimpses of our country in all of its natural magnificence and showcases some of America’s most treasured and unusual landmarks, telling stories that can only be revealed from the air.

STUNNING Footage—Photos—Interviews available. Love to set up story timed for August 11th premiere.

“Made in the USA” isn’t just a label. It’s a testament to American ingenuity and a salute to the pioneers and risk takers who have given the world everything from jumbo jets to microchips, and ketchup to cornflakes. This all-inclusive, cross-country journey celebrates the nation’s crowning industrial achievements and the people behind them. We soar above Starbucks headquarters, Motown Records, Talladega Superspeedway, and more, exploring America’s stories of inspiration, innovation, and invention.

FOOTAGE HIGHLIGHTS: Tune in to see some of America’s most ingenious and prosperous companies, many of which launched one of the kind products that are now household necessities, as well as the homes and birthplaces of some of the legendary people who made such innovation possible, including:

In Washington State…
Microsoft headquarters in Redmond—featuring a soccer field, baseball diamond, and 25 cafeterias, as well as the colossal estate of Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates
Starbucks in Seattle —the coffee shop inspired by the espresso bars of Milan that is now available in 55 countries
Boeing Airplanes—the once-struggling brainchild of William Boeing, responsible for our nations first international airmail, World War II bombers and, today, the nation’s top producer of passenger aircraft as well as owners of the famous Everett Plant—the largest building in the world when measured by volume

In Kansas…
The aerial portrait of Amelia Earhart—an Atchison, Kansas native and the first woman to fly across the Atlantic
The mammoth components of the windmills of Flat Ridge Wind Farm—the corporation largely responsible for the United States’ growing wind power industry
The entirely eco-friendly town of Greensville—rebuilt from the ground up after a devastating tornado to be the greenest town the America

In Oregon…
The Googleplex—tens of thousands of computer processors that form the largest collective computer in the world and are all powered by a hydro-electric dam in Dalles on the Columbia River
Nike headquarters in Beaverton and its state-of-the-art training running tracks and athletic fields

In Florida…
The home of golf legend Tiger Woods on Jupiter Island that includes four different putting greens with various varieties of turf—any golfer’s paradise!
The dozens of trucks transporting thousands of oranges to the Florida Orange Juice processing plant—the primary producer of orange juice in the world

In Michigan…
The ingenious Henry Ford Estate on the banks of the Rogue River—the 56 room mansion powered entirely by two river-run generators designed by Ford’s close friend, Thomas Edison
Greenfield Village—another brainchild of Ford’s that includes replicas of some of the most influential America inventors workshops, including the shops of the Wright brothers, Edison, and even Abraham Lincoln’s courthouse

In Pennsylvania…
The sprawling factories of three of Pennsylvania’s most famous food exports: Heinz Ketchup in Pittsburgh, Yuengling Lager in Pottsville, and Hershey’s Chocolate in Hershey

In Louisiana…
The stunning and remote Avery Island—home to the production plant of another of America’s favorite condiments: Tabasco Sauce

In Arizona…
The Frank Lloyd Wright Estate in ScottsdaleWright’s 1937 organic architecture with walls made of desert stone tucked into mountains that Frank used to live and teach in during the winter
The Biosphere II in Oracle—the multi-terrain sphere in which eight people where sealed inside in 1991 for 2 years to see if humans would be capable of colonizing another planet

…and much more!

The Smithsonian Channel original series AERIAL AMERICA, shot from a helicopter equipped with a state-of-the-art Cineflex HD camera system, is one of the most expansive aerial television series ever produced.

Smithsonian Channel plans on filming each of the 50 states for this series, providing rare glimpses of some of our nation’s most treasured landmarks, all seen from breathtaking heights. From busy cityscapes to quiet landscapes, from historical and cultural landmarks to places far off the beaten path, AERIAL AMERICA offers the ultimate ?birds eye view‰ of the beauty and splendor that makes up our country.

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