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Al Jazeera America Presents: A Year On Pot

 “America Tonight’s” In-Depth, Three-Part Series on Colorado’s Year Post Legalization, January 6-8 at 9pm ET/6 pm PT


Al Jazeera America’s “America Tonight” presents a new in-depth, three-part series with a look back at Colorado’s cannabis experiment on “A Year On Pot,” Tuesday, January 6 through Thursday, January 8 and Sunday, January 11 at 9pm ET/6pm PT.


 Episode 1 – Tuesday, Jan. 6:  Winners and Losers

Al Jazeera America’s Lori Jane Gliha takes a look at how Colorado’s marijuana businesses have multiplied.  “America Tonight” revisits entrepreneurs like Andy Joseph who saw sales for his THC extraction machines increase ten-fold, turning him into a multi-millionaire virtually overnight.  But the speed of legalization has also brought a host of unexpected problems, and a recent poll found that half of Coloradans say they don’t approve of how the state is managing it. Tax revenues are lower than expected, high retail prices have created room for a black market, and overall marijuana demand has increased, doubling in some mountain communities. 


Episode 2 – Wednesday, Jan. 7: The Very Dark Side of Legalization

Lori Jane Gliha looks at the booming industry balanced on a razor’s edge.  If Colorado can’t keep marijuana under control, the federal government has vowed it will step in and put an end to recreational use.  Now there’s growing evidence that legalization has intensified problems like youth abuse, diversion to other states, driving while impaired, and public health concerns over edibles and marijuana concentrates.  “America Tonight” investigates recent cases of THC-poisoning in adults and children who accidentally consumed marijuana edibles, and the rise of “dabbing”, a potentially dangerous and explosive new form of marijuana use. 


Episode 3 – Thursday, Jan. 8: The Black Hole of Marijuana Science

Al Jazeera America’s Jacob Ward looks at how even though states are legalizing the stuff, federal law still applies to researchers who use federal (NIH) money, and that means it’s no easier to study pot in Colorado than it would be in the most conservative states in the union. That also means that policymakers are creating world-changing laws based on nothing but anecdotal evidence. We don’t know how pot affects driving, we don’t know how it affects long-term psychosis, we don’t know how it affects life expectancy, reproductive health, anything. We’re literally making this stuff up as we go along.  “America Tonight” explores just how little real science has been done in the last fifty years here in the United States, and identifies the most glaring holes in our understanding of how to regulate it. 


Bonus – Sunday, Jan. 11- Behind-The-Scenes with the Denver Post’s Cannabis Reporting Team

Lori Jane Gliha reports how a year ago, Ricardo Baca became the first journalist working at a mainstream newspaper (The Denver Post) to be appointed to the newly-created job of Marijuana Editor.  Today, Baca and his team cover it all — from first-hand reviews of the latest strains to the national debate on legalization – and they’re building a new model for marijuana journalism along the way.  “America Tonight” spends a day-in-the-life of The Cannabist team.  In addition to Baca, viewers also meet pot reviewer Jake Browne to find out what it’s like to get paid to get stoned, and parenting columnist Brittany Driver to get her tips on raising a child in a 420-friendly world. 

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