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 CBS Has the Largest First-Half Lead By Any Network in Viewers Since 1987-88


CBS Has 14 of the Top 20 Program in Viewers — The Most By Any Network Since the Advent of People Meters (1987)


Network is Also First in Adults 18-49 With Six of the Top 10 Shows, Its Most Since 1987-88


CBS concluded the first half of the 2011-2012 season as #1 in viewers and adults 18-49 with some historic benchmarks in both measures, according to Nielsen most current ratings through Jan. 1, Week 15 of the season.


2011-2012                   Viewers                        Adults 18-49                Adults 25-54

CBS                             12.10m                         3.2                               4.1

NBC                            7.37m                           2.5                               3.0

ABC                            8.70m                           2.5                               3.1

FOX                            8.57m                           3.1                               3.5




CBS                             +2%                             +7%                             +2%

NBC                            -9%                             -11%                             -6%

ABC                            -1%                              n.c.                                n.c.

FOX                            +14%                           +15%                           +17%


Source:  Nielsen NPM 9/19/11-1/1/12 vs. 9/20/10-1/2/11; most current data


First-Half Highlights in Viewers


  • With 12.10 million viewers, this is the best delivery by any network during the first half of the season since 2006-07 (5 years), when CBS averaged 12.33 million viewers.
  • CBS leads the second place network (ABC) by +3.40m viewers.  This is the largest first-half lead for any network during the first half of the season since 1987-88, when NBC beat ABC by +4.8m viewers.
  • CBS has 14 of top 20 programs  more than any network since the advent of people meters in 1987.*
  • For the second consecutive year, CBS has 20 of the Top 30 shows, more than any network since people meters.
  • CBS has the most programs up from the year-ago time period (13).

First-Half Highlights in Adults 18-49


  • CBS leads the first half of 2011-12 season in adults 18-49 for the second consecutive year and six of the past eight years.
  • CBS’s 3.2 rating is the network’s best first-half performance since the 2007-08 season (4 years).
  • CBS has six of the Top 10 programs, twice as many as last year and its most since people meters.
  • CBS has 10 of the Top 20 programs, its most since people meters and more than any network since 1996-97 (NBC-12).*
  • CBS has the most programs up from the year-ago time period (14), five more than last year.


*Excludes specials, breakouts and pre/post game sports shows.

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