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Discovery U.S. Hispanic Networks Announce 2014-2015 Upfront Slate

–          Discovery en Español expands its human adventure and automotive thematic nights, announces the intriguing world of magic as part of its Enigma lineup, and highlights its docureality “Texas trocas” –

–          Discovery Familia introduces new shows for Latinas on issues ranging from fashion to health and highlights Cake Boss as an iconic family story –

New York, NY, May 13, 2014 – Discovery U.S. Hispanic today unveiled its networks’ 2014-2015 Upfront slate.  Based on results from its audience research study, Discovery en Español is enhancing its key thematic programming nights, including automotive and human adventure, focusing on ordinary people living extraordinary lives. The network is also introducing magic as part of its Enigma lineup and highlighting its recently developed docureality Texas trocas to showcase content that inspires Hispanics to realize their own potential. Discovery Familia will offer new shows addressing the things that matter most to Latinas, from parenting to health, cooking and beauty.

“Our U.S. Hispanic networks provide advertisers with the opportunity to participate in a broad range of contextually relevant environments that uniquely differentiates the Discovery brand and truly engages the Hispanic community,” said Ivan Bargueiras, General Manager, Discovery U.S. Hispanic’s networks.  “Discovery en Español and Discovery Familia are bringing an exciting programming slate that combines our high-quality content with surprising stories and edgy characters.”

Under the theme “feel closer”, Discovery en Español is highlighting its Upfront programming lineup.  As part of Lunes de Motores (Motor Mondays), the automotive thematic night that has repeatedly positioned the network in first place in primetime Monday programming[i], the channel announced the premiere of Cromo clandestino (Chrome Underground), the recently developed docu-realities Texas trocas and Taller de Vaca, and new seasons of El dúo mecánico (Fast N’ Loud). With a new, edgy twist on its traditional human adventure genre and differentiated brand offering, the network presented new seasons of Supervivencia al desnudo (Naked & Afraid), and the premiere of Al límite (Tethered) and Sálvate si puedes  (Survive That). To address another of its viewers’ key passions, natural history, the channel announced the series Islas mortales con Dave Salmoni (Mystery of the Lost Island) and Sobrevivir (Survival). Finally, Mago pop will bring magic to the network’s Enigma thematic night, which will also include new seasons of Unexplained files (Lo inexplicable).

The Latina-oriented network Discovery Familia will focus on broader aspects of Hispanic women’s lives, ranging from sensitive health topics in new series such as Soy muy joven para esto (I don’t have time for this) to shows based on beauty such as Desafio fashionista (Ultimate shopper), Volver a empezar (Starting over) and  ¡No te lo pongas! (What Not to Wear). To address parenting,  one of the networks key genres, the channel will premiere Sobreprotegidos (World’s Worst Mom) and enhance its home programming with a new season of its successful show Vívala o véndala (Love it or List it). The network is also introducing new seasons of Cake Boss and El desafío de Buddy (Cake Boss: Next Great Baker), which reflect its holistic approach to showcase a look at a family business and inspiring success story.

The highlights of Discovery U.S. Hispanic networks’ 2014-15 Upfront schedule include the following:

Discovery en Español




Al límite (Tethered)

Two polar opposite survival experts endure 21 days in one of the harshest environments on earth, tied together at the waist by a 6ft steel cable.


Sálvate si puedes  (Survive That  – aka Dude you’re screwed)

This seven-part series is the newest twist in the survival genre. Unprepared and left to fend for themselves, five elite survivalist are captured, blindfolded and taken to an unknown, remote location.   They  must prove they have what it takes week after week as they play this “game” that puts all of their skills to the ultimate test. Each survivalist is captured one at a time by the other four. The capture could take place at work, at home, at a coffee shop, ANYWHERE! They must always be on guard. Then, they are dropped in one of the world’s harshest environments and must make their way back to civilization, alive and unscathed, all within 100 hours, or it’s game over!


Supervivencia al desnudo (Naked & Afraid) – new season

Discovery en Español takes the survival of the fittest to the next level with brand new series, ‘, where a pair of complete strangers, one man and one woman, will find themselves stranded in and quite literally exposed to one of the world’s most extreme weather environments.




Mago pop

What does it take for a young and talented magician to meet his pop culture idols? Magic, of course!

Antonio Diaz, the Spanish National Magic Prize winner, relies on his mastery of illusion to achieve one of his dreams: to meet one of his pop icons.


Lo inexplicable (Unexplained File) – new season

From mysterious disappearances and UFO encounters, to unidentified fanged predators and reported curses, the series Lo inexplicable  investigates actual, inexplicable occurrences that have confounded scientists and inspired legends. Join renowned scientists, credible experts and first-hand eyewitnesses as they present riveting never-before-seen footage and share their vivid first-person accounts of truly bewildering experiences.




Crimen mortal (Deadline Crime)

News magazine show Deadline Crime features Today Show host and MSNBC news anchor Tamron Hall, who walks viewers step by step through a series of riveting and heart wrenching murder investigations. With her up-close-and-personal style, and strong investigative background, Tamron challenges expectations, interviews those most deeply affected, and visits the scene of the crime, to find out what really happened… and why.


Crímenes millonarios (Behind Mansion Walls) – new season

When family dynasties implode, high-stakes divorces end in bloodshed and rich decadence turns to death, the old adage that money doesn’t buy happiness is proven true once again.  The series Crimenes millionarios shares the stories of crime and investigation that unfold behind the veil of wealth, where secret affairs, hidden accounts and false identities are just the tip of the iceberg. Crimenes millionarios shares stories of murder and mystery on a grand scale, where the victims and suspects range from oil tycoons to real estate moguls, self-made billionaires to heiresses of family dynasties.




Texas trocas

Outside of San Antonio is an amazing big-rig trucking business run by a spirited, true-life family of Texas truckers.  From major corporate orders for dump trucks to the custom makeovers of big rigs, Raul Mendez (“Senior”), his sons Raul Jr. and Roland, and their wives, cousins and friends run this successful business. Under the hood of this new show is pressure, precision and the incredibly unique family-run empire being built in Texas and celebrated on the roads of America.


Cromo clandestino (Chrome Underground)

Yusuf and Antonio are professional car hunters, but they aren’t your usual car pickers, as they put their lives on the line in their day jobs. Travelling outside the U.S. to lawless countries no other dealer would dare to, they search for ‘diamond in the rough’ vehicles they can flip for a fortune.


El dúo mecánico (Fast N’ Loud) – new season

The series shows the work of Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman, two true car fanatics and examples of determination. Richard began working at a young age as a firefighter, policeman and paramedic to be able to fulfill his dream of having his own workshop. Meanwhile, Aaron’s great aptitude for all things mechanical and his dedication opened his doors to the world of hot rods. Together they work in the world-famous “Gas Monkey Garage,” where they restore old classic cars and transform them into works of art.


Taller de Vaca

This reality series follows the work of Martin Vaca and his team as they transform all types of cars with different shapes and designs. For this team, there are no limits when it comes to creating art, and no matter what kind of car come to the workshop, the end result is always breathtaking.



Islas mortales con Dave Salmoni (Mystery of the Lost Island)

Dave Salmoni trains the most dangerous animals on the planet. To stay alive, he needs a flawless understanding of animal behavior. What are they thinking? What will they do next? Now, in a unique new series for Discovery en Español, Dave’s skill will be tested to the limit, as he lives alongside a host of animals that exist side by side in total isolation. By living alongside these wild animals, he will learn from them how a man can survive in some of the remotest places on Earth. Dave will live his dream and travel to the world’s most isolated islands, where survival is always on a knife edge. Through a series of incredible close encounters, he will learn how these animals carve out a living for themselves in these unique worlds. Dave will discover that nature’s castaways are the ultimate survivors.


Sobrevivir (Survival)

Sobrevivir is a 6-part natural history landmark series with a new experimental approach and distinct visual style.  Structured as a serial, not a series, for the first time we follow a cast of star animal characters from episode to episode as they struggle to overcome the challenges of life.  The result is the most complete picture ever created of the epic fight to survive.

Brasil salvaje (Wild Brazil)
– special

In the wildest country on earth, survival is a battle between nature’s most powerful forces -The Fire and the Floods. In these seasonal extremes, some of the world’s biggest, strangest and most dangerous creatures are forced together. As Fires rage across Brazil’s Wild Heart, top predators like Jaguar, Caiman and Maned Wolves reign supreme.




El Vaticano (The Vatican) – special

A city within a city, the Vatican is different in many ways from the rest of world, with its own government, law enforcement and routines.  This special gives viewers an inside look at this self-contained city-state.  Join us as we lift the veil and uncover what happens behind the mysterious and guarded walls of the Vatican.


Comando  Jungla (Jungla Comandos)- special

Fifteen years after the start of Plan Colombia, the country that once was overwhelmed by drug trafficking, now has one of the most successful anti-narcotics units in the world: Los Junglas. With access to the Jungle training program, Discovery en Español will follow this elite group through the most dangerous places in America, the goal: to capture high value targets of the drug war.



Discovery Familia




Cake Boss – new season

The series focuses on Buddy Valastro, an accomplished fourth generation baker, as he manages his booming business, Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, NJ, along with his big Italian family – including his mom and sisters – who run the shop with him. Buddy and his staff turn out thousands of wedding cakes, specialty cakes, and pastries every week.


El desafío de Buddy (Cake Boss: Next Great Baker) – new season
The series, hosted by Buddy Valastro, follows 10 aspiring bakers competing in a series of challenges to win $50,000, a new car, and a job at Carlo’s Bakery.




Un bebé por minuto: la historia continua (One Born Every Minute: What Happened Next) – new season
Over the years Un bebé por minuto has witnessed the births of more than a hundred babies, capturing what it really feels like to bring new life into the world.  This new spin-off series explores the realities of parenthood, revealing both the highs and the lows and finding out what happened next to some of the series’ most memorable couples.


Sobreprotegidos (World’s Worst Mom )

Sobreprotegidos is a series dedicated to diffusing parental paranoia by helping high-strung, fearful parents to relax and give their kids the freedom they deserve. This 13-part series follows “worst mom” Lenore Skenazy—a mother of two, author and seasoned parenting expert—who in 2008 suffered intense public criticism after allowing her nine-year-old son to ride the New York City subway on his own. Following a media frenzy, Lenore went on an intrepid mission to rescue overprotective parents and their bubble wrapped kids from a childhood lost.



Soy muy joven para esto (I don’t have time for this)

At an age when most of their peers are enjoying all that life has to offer, these young women are facing a demon that they didn’t expect to worry about for many years – breast cancer. These five courageous women will not let breast cancer get in the way of their lives – they simply don’t have time for it! Soy muy joven para esto is the universal story of young women building their lives despite the challenges thrown their way. Whilst at times lighthearted and humorous and others utterly heartbreaking, this character-driven documentary will take viewers on a truly emotional ride.


Acumuladores (Hoarding: Buried Alive) – new season

Each episode examines hoarders as they struggle to gain a greater understanding of their extreme attachments to seemingly worthless objects. With the help of expert therapists and professional organizers, the hoarders attempt to calm the chaos in their homes and their minds, and reclaim control of their lives once and for all.




Desafío fashionista (Ultimate Shopper) – new season
Brand new and exclusive show Desafío fashionista pits four fashionistas head-to-head in a series of style-based challenges to be judged by a discerning and stylish panel of experts.


Volver a empezar (Starting Over)

The trials and triumphs of carving a new career path become an exciting journey to a new life for eight brave women. From a former teacher who’s lost her way, to an administrator whose eyesight is holding her back from her dream of becoming a police officer, these women are taking up the challenge to change their lives forever in this inspirational career make-over series. Guided by a team of experts the participants will clarify their goals, overcome their obstacles and achieve new challenges, casting off the personal and professional obstacles preventing them from truly starting over.


¡No te lo pongas! (What Not to Wear) – new season

¡No te lo pongas! is a makeover reality television series hosted by fashion stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. In each episode, Stacy, Clinton and a team of hair and makeup advisors help revamp the look of individuals who have been nominated by their friends for makeovers.




La simpleza del hogar (House Made Simple)

This is a personality-driven show devoted to helping families clean, organize and beautify their homes.  Each week, viewers will watch as experts help real people in real situations carry out a massive clean-up and organization makeover.  Nominated by neighbors or friends, the participants end up with a home they’ll love to live in.


Vívala o véndala (Love it or List it) – new season

Vívala o véndala is a reality series about homeowners faced with the decision of how far they’re willing to go to get their ultimate dream home. Each episode is filled with the stress of major renovations, the temptation of beautiful new real estate and a fierce rivalry between a designer and a real estate agent; both of them willing to go to any length for the homeowners’ allegiance. In the end, each homeowner must decide – do we love It enough to stay or is it time to move and list It?




About Discovery U.S. Hispanic

Discovery U.S. Hispanic includes the Discovery en Español and Discovery Familia networks. Discovery en Español, providing Hispanic audiences with the best content from the portfolio of top networks from Discovery Communications, launched in 1998 as one of the first US Hispanic pay TV networks in response to the growing demand for Spanish-language programming in the United States. Today, Discovery en Español is the 2nd highest rated Hispanic pay –TV channel in prime time, distributed on 100 % of US. Hispanic digital tiers nationwide. Discovery Familia is the first U.S. network developed to attract the coveted audience of highly-engaged Hispanic moms and their preschool age children.

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