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“The Pecos League” Follows the Struggles and Triumphs of Baseball Players Chasing a Dream


Latest Entry from FOX Sports Originals Debuts Tuesday, May 13 at 9:30 PM ET on FOX Sports 1



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The Pecos League: Last Chance for Some, Only Chance for Others


Every kid in America dreams of playing in the Major Leagues, but few ever dreamed of playing in The Pecos League.


The Pecos League is made up of eight gritty and proud independent professional baseball teams stretching across New Mexico, Colorado, and West Texas.


Far removed from the glamorous life of Major League Baseball, Pecos League players are given a jersey, a hat, and $50 a week to help them keep their dreams alive of playing professional baseball.


These athletes play for the love of the game and because they know it could be their only chance to be noticed by a scout.


“The Pecos League” Debuts on FOX Sports 1 on May 13 at 9:30 PM ET


FOX Sports Originals gives viewers a front row seat to the wild, tough, and rewarding life in the lowest level of professional baseball with “The Pecos League.  The series will air for six consecutive Tuesdays starting May 13 at 9:30 PM ET on FOX Sports 1. 


Cameras follow second-year franchise the Trinidad Triggers as the team plays 70 games in 72 days in its quest for a Pecos League championship.


In addition to getting to know the players, viewers meet their Harvard-educated manager and a collection of colorful and loyal locals who provide an interesting peek at life in tiny towns across the rugged and burnt baseball landscape of the Southwest.


What the Producers are Saying


“Anyone who has ever chased a dream can relate to “The Pecos League” and the sacrifices these players are making.  In one of the most unlikely towns in the country, these ball players refuse to give up on their goal of someday playing in the Majors. It’s all here – the best parts of sports: friendship, fun, achievement, and pure love of the game.” – Michael Bloom, Senior Vice President, Original Programming, FOX Sports 


““The Pecos League” is like “Field of Dreams” meets “Jackass”, but 100% original.  Viewers get an unfiltered look at life on the fringes of professional baseball, as these Major League hopefuls play for their last chance at glory.” – Rasha Drachkovitch, President of 44 Blue Productions


“The Pecos League” is co-produced by 44 Blue Productions, producers of the hit reality series “Wahlburgers,” and FOX Sports Originals, with executive producers Rasha Drachkovitch and Andrew Fried, co-executive producer John Henion, and supervising producer Michael Schenker.


What the Players and Manager are Saying


“It’s such a hard sport to climb the ladder in.  There’s so many guys that get unnoticed.  It’s so easy to fall through the cracks.  But how are you going to know if you don’t go after it?  There’s always a chance.  It’s a small chance, so I plan on going until the wheels absolutely fall off.” – Trinidad Triggers outfielder Sam DiMatteo


“This is kind of the last shot for everyone who wants to play pro ball. Even though we make $50 a week, we don’t do it for that.  We do it because this game is amazing and we love each other.” – Trinidad Triggers pitcher Tony Smith


“It can be very grueling.  We’re going to play 70 games in 72 days.  I see what sacrifices players make and you’d be surprised how much, even at this level, they want to win.” – Trinidad Triggers manager JD Droddy


“If the MLB is the Big Show, the Pecos League is the Sh*t Show.  You can put up great stats and still wind up getting traded for a bucket of balls.” – Trinidad Triggers pitcher John Sullivan


“The Pecos League” Schedule on FOX Sports 1


Date                                        Time              

Tuesday, May 13                    9:30 PM ET

Tuesday, May 20                    9:30 PM ET

Tuesday, May 27                    9:30 PM ET

Tuesday, June 3                     9:30 PM ET

Tuesday, June 10                   9:30 PM ET

Tuesday, June 17                   9:30 PM ET

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