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It’s Television’s Most Powerful Hour
Storm Chasers Roars Back Sunday September 25 at 10pm e/p

After an historic and tragic spring storm season get the whole story on tornados’ unimaginable force and power as STORM CHASERS returns for an all new season on Discovery Channel premiering Sunday, September 25 at 10 PM E/P.  The premiere episode gets an insider’s look at the now infamous April 27th tornado outbreak as theSTORM CHASERS teams track the monster tornados though Alabama and Mississippi.  Nearly 200 tornados were recorded that day and over 300 lives lost.

In addition to the monster storms of Spring 2011, the new season of STORM CHASERS features new chase vehicles including the debut of Timmer’s “Dominator 2.” Sean Casey, having successfully completed his IMAX film (Tornado Alley is now playing in theaters and science centers across the country) has now set his sights on another storm chasing first: filming tornados in 3D.  Twistex’s newly revamped chase vehicle has all the bells and whistles with new doppler radar and probes but will its leader Tim Samaras alienate the team with his new aggressive style?  The stakes and challenges are clearly high for all three teams.  Hold on for television’s most powerful hour.
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