Martha Speaks Season 5

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Join Everyone’s Favorite Talking Dog for New Tail-Wagging Episodes of Martha Speaks 


New episodes begin Monday, March 31, 2014 on PBS KIDS (check local listings)


Boston, MA, March 25, 2014 – PBS KIDS’ hit series Martha Speaks is back with brand-new pawsitively adorable fun beginning Monday, March 31, on PBS KIDS (check local listings). The week kicks off with “T.D. Gives a Report.” T.D. can’t wait to share his idea for the report he will give in Mrs. Clusky’s class, but when he finds out that the Pony Express wasn’t a train for horses, he’s crushed! Helen can’t seem to spark his interest in any other topic. Will he be able to find anything he’s passionate enough to research? Tune-in to get the full report!

You can also celebrate April Fools’ Day with the new prank-filled “April Fools'” episode. Martha smells deception when T.D., the King of Pranks, gets an invitation to receive an award from the Wagstaff City Genius Society. Tune-in to see if T.D. catches on before it’s too late!

“Kids will explore research concepts through T.D.’s avid passion for chewing gum, and maybe learn fun tips on duping friends with ploys, pranks, and ruses for April 1st, all while adding to their vocabularies through exciting plot twists and fun surprises,” says senior executive producer Carol Greenwald.


Keep the fun going everyday by visiting, where parents can find a variety of multimedia resources that build on the show’s educational concepts, bolstering the oral vocabulary skills of 4- to 7-year-olds. Play games, including Skit’s Tricks, and explore engaging, nonfiction interactive features like the T.D. Reports True Story. You can also check out the PBS KIDS YouTube channel each week to watch “Who’s That Dog,” a short video series featuring canines that have very special doggy jobs!


Full Premiere Episode Listing and Descriptions


Monday, March 31, 2014 

T.D. Gives a Report

When T.D. finds out the Pony Express wasn’t a train for horses, he’s crushed.  It was the only thing worth doing a report on for Mrs. Clusky’s class. Helen tries to spark his interests in other topics, but it just won’t work.  Is there anything he can get passionate enough about to research?

Martha’s Canine Cleaners

Lily needs help.  She tore a pillow while she was sleeping.  Canine Cleaners Martha and Skits answer the call…and make things a whole lot worse.  Can they clean up the mess they made before Milo’s dad gets home?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools’

It’s April Fools’ Day in Wagstaff City and T.D., the King of Pranks, is…too busy to plan pranks?  He’s preoccupied with an invitation to receive an award from the Wagstaff City Genius Society.  Martha smells deception, but will T.D. catch on before it’s too late?

Bully For You!   A ferocious new pooch has the neighborhood dogs’ fur on end.  Martha may never go outside again.  Even Skits is spooked.  Can anyone neutralize this bully’s bark?

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