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The 90-Minute Block Begins with “Chelsea Settles” at 10:00 p.m. and
Continues with “I Used To Be Fat” at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV

A Special Episode of MTVs Emmy Award-Winning Series “True Life” Kicks Off the Night at 9:00 p.m.

New York, N.Y. (October 28, 2011)  MTV today announced “Chelsea Settles” and “I Used To Be Fat,” two critically acclaimed series that chronicle inspirational stories of transformation, will move to 10:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, respectively, beginning Tuesday, November 1.  In addition, a special episode of MTVs Emmy Award-winning series, “True Life,” will kick off the night with “True Life: Im Addicted to Exercise,” at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.  

“Chelsea Settles” follows the highs and lows as Chelsea embarks on the biggest journey of her life  leaving the only home she has ever known for a fresh start in a city more than 2,000 miles away.  The series begins as Chelsea makes the bold decision to move to L.A. and change her life instead of settling into the one shes always known.  Viewers will follow her very personal journey every step of the way, as she begins her new life on the West Coast, works to jumpstart her career in fashion and commit herself to take control of her weight and get healthy.  

In next weeks episode, Chelsea is starting to worry that shell never get a job in L.A., so when her roommate Jenna offers to help, she accepts.  Along the way, Chelsea discovers a side of L.A., and Jenna, that she didnt know existed.

For show info, to catch up on full episodes and for a sneak peek at next weeks episode, click here.   For more ways to connect with the show, follow her on Twitter@ChelseaSettles or like the show on Facebook.  

Lindsey Bannister, Tara Higgins, Marshall Eisen and Dave Sirulnick serve as executive producers for “Chelsea Settles.” The series was developed by Lindsey Bannister and Jessica Antonini from a concept by Nomi Ernst Leidner.

The second season of “I Used To Be Fat” profiles new 10 teenagers desperate to shed their unwanted weight the summer before heading off to college as they share their personal struggles and triumphs, both physical and emotional.  Each one-hour episode focuses on a different teenager longing to make a drastic change in their life, following them through the last weeks of high school to the first crucial days of college.  Viewers see an intimate account of their physical and emotional journey, as they struggle to change their attitudes eating habits, and ultimately their lives. 

In next weeks episode, viewers will meet Latrice, whose overeating hides the pain of not growing up in the same house as her mother.  Latrice seems outgoing and funny, but on the inside, she feels abandoned by her mother, who lives in another state.  Her defensive attitude and secret binge eating threaten her success as she tries to change.  Will her trainer finally be able to break through her defenses? 

For show info, to catch up on full episodes and for a sneak peek at next weeks episode, click here

“I Used To Be Fat” was created by 3 Ball Productions/Eyeworks USA, with JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson and Adam Kaloustian serving as executive producers.  Dave Sirulnick and Amy Bailey are executive producers for MTV.

In this special episode of “True Life,” viewers will meet two young people whose excessive time spent in the gym may be doing them more harm than good.  Working up a sweat is a good thing, but if taken to extremes, even a habit as healthy as exercise can become a destructive addiction.  Tony is a fitness model whos convinced that hes scrawny.  Hes now spending at least six hours every day trying to bulk up  even though this growing obsession is causing him to miss out on job opportunities.  Dillon is a former alcoholic whos discovered that working out gives her the same high that drinking once did.  Now Dillons stopped going to AA meetings in order to train intensively even though her counselors are warning her that replacing one addiction with another inevitably leads to relapse.  Theyre both pushing themselves to the brink  but will their efforts backfire and cost them everything theyve worked to achieve?

“True Life” is executive produced by Dave Sirulnick, Marshall Eisen, Betsy Forhan and Jim Fraenkel of MTV.  “True Life: Im Addicted to Exercise” was produced by Jeffrey Schneider.

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