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15 Hall of Fame Finalists Announced & Bengals WR A.J. Green Sitdown Interview Saturday, Jan. 7 at 12 NOON ET on NFL GameDay Morning


Broncos Champ Bailey, Von Miller & Willis McGahee Sit Down with Michael Irvin on NFL GameDay Morning Sunday at 9:00 AM ET


Redskins LB London Fletcher Serves as Guest Analyst on NFL Total Access Friday, Jan. 6 at 7:00 PM ET


Tony Gonzalez, NBC News Anchor Brian Williams, Michael Lombardi & Jim Brockmire onThe Rich Eisen Podcast Thursday, Jan. 5 at 4:30 PM ET



NFL Network Provides 20 Hours of Live Playoff Programming – Two Editions of NFL GameDay Morning: Saturday, Jan. 7 at 12 NOON ET & Sunday, Jan. 8 at 9:00 AM ET


NFL Network provides 20 hours of LIVE playoff programming on Saturday, January 7 & Sunday, January 8, including two editions of NFL GameDay Morning – the first and most comprehensive pregame show on television.


A special four and a half hour Saturday edition of NFL GameDay Morning at 12 Noon ET features host Rich Eisen and analysts Steve MariucciMarshall FaulkKurt WarnerWarren Sapp and Michael Irvin previewing the four playoff matchups with expert analysis, pregame interviews and the latest news and reports from the stadiums.


Additionally, Michael Irvin sits down with Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green and the 15 finalists for the 2012 Hall of Fame Class are announced.


On Sunday, January 8NFL GameDay Morning airs in its regular 9:00 AM ET timeslot, and analyst Michael Irvin sits down with Denver Broncos Champ BaileyVon Miller and Willis McGahee for a conversation about the season thus far.


On Saturday at 7:30 PM ET, join Scott Hanson and analysts Jamie Dukes and Tom Waddle on a special edition of NFL GameDay Scoreboard as they break down each matchup and provide highlights and analysis. On Sunday, Dukes and Waddle are joined by Paul Burmeister on NFL GameDay Scoreboard at 4:00 PM ET.


NFL GameDay Final provides the final say on all the Wild Card action with a special Saturday night playoff show in which host Fran Charlesis joined by analyst Deion Sanders at 12 Midnight ET. Sunday night’s show features Rich EisenSteve MariucciDeion Sanders andMichael Irvin at 8:00 PM ET.


Saturday on NFL GameDay Morning:


  • Bengals WR A.J. Green sitdown interview with Michael Irvin
  • The 15 finalists for the 2012 Hall of Fame class announced
  • Can Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh be a difference against the New Orleans Saints?
  • Which 5,000-yard quarterback will have a better day: Drew Brees or Matthew Stafford?
  • Do the Saints have the best offense in the playoffs?
  • Which rookie quarterback will be the most effective: Andy Dalton or T.J. Yates?
  • How far can the Houston Texans’ defense take them?
  • Michelle Beisner reports from Houston for Bengals-Texans
  • Steve Wyche reports from New Orleans for Lions-Saints


Sunday on NFL GameDay Morning:


  • Broncos CB Champ Bailey, LB Von Miller and RB Willis McGahee sitdown interview with Michael Irvin
  • NFL Films-produced Sounds of the Regular Season
  • Will Tim Tebow get his magic back against the Pittsburgh Steelers?
  • How will the injuries to Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall affect the Steelers in the playoffs?
  • How will playing outside affect the Atlanta Falcons’ offense?
  • Will the Falcons’ draft-day trade for wide receiver Julio Jones pay off?
  • Can the New York Giants get their running game fixed for the playoffs?
  • Can Eli Manning lead the Giants to another surprise Super Bowl run?
  • Stacey Dales reports from Denver for Steelers-Broncos
  • Albert Breer reports from New York for Falcons-Giants





Wednesday, January 4

Around the League Live:

  • Texans LB DeMeco Ryans interview
  • 49ers TE Vernon Davis interview
  • Stacey Dales reports from Pittsburgh
  • Melissa Stark reports from New York with the Giants
  • Steve Wyche reports from New Orleans


Thursday, January 5

Around the League Live:

  • Albert Breer reports from Atlanta


Friday, January 6

Around the League Live:

  • Steve Wyche reports from New Orleans
  • Michelle Beisner reports from Houston


NFL Total Access:

  • Redskins LB London Fletcher in-studio as guest analyst



Warren Sapp, Jamie Dukes, Willie McGinest & Guest Analyst Jalen Rose on No Huddle TONIGHT at 10:00 PM ET


Warren SappJamie DukesWillie McGinest and guest analyst Jalen Rose appear this week on No Huddle tonight at 10:00 PM ET for a roundtable discussion. The four analysts will discuss the following topics:


  • Can Matthew Stafford and the Lions keep up with Drew Brees and the high-scoring Saints?
  • Are the Giants legitimate Super Bowl contenders?
  • Will Tim Tebow be able to get it going against the Steelers defense?
  • Can the Texans snap their three-game losing streak and win the first playoff game in franchise history?
  • Super Bowl XLVI predictions


Below are quotes from this week’s edition of No Huddle:


“[Matt Ryan] hasn’t won a thing in this league. It’s time.” – Warren Sapp on Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, who is 0-2 all-time in the playoffs


“The rhythm and tempo of Drew Brees and the way he runs the offense, he doesn’t even let you sub.” – Willie McGinest on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees


“Matt Flynn made himself some money. He would be the perfect guy for the Jets to go after.” – Jamie Dukes on Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn



Tony Gonzalez, Brian Williams, Michael Lombardi & Jim Brockmire on The Rich Eisen Podcast Thursday, January 5 at 4:30 PM ET – Available for Download on & iTunes


The latest edition of The Rich Eisen Podcast airs on NFL Network Thursday, January 5 at 4:30 PM ET. It is also available for download on and iTunes.


Tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, Tony Gonzalez, joins the podcast to preview the team’s upcoming game against the New York Giants and the possibility of winning his first playoff game in his 15-year NFL career.


Host of NBC Nightly News and Rock Center with Brian WilliamsBrian Williams, discusses his favorite team, the New York Giants, and their chances in the playoffs, beginning with a game against the Atlanta Falcons. Williams also talks about Jets head coach Rex Ryan and the two other playoff teams he is pulling for.


NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi stops by in-studio to analyze the number of personnel moves that have occurred since the regular season ended, provide insight into the various head coaching searches and give his thoughts on this week’s playoff matchups.


Finally, the one and only Jim Brockmire returns to countdown the top plays of December as only he can.


To download the latest editions of’s six podcasts, visit the podcast page:





Friday 8:00 PM ET – Wild Card Saturday with Sterling Sharpe, Brian Baldinger, Joe Theismann and Brian Billick

  • Sterling Sharpe on how the Texans defense will shut down the Bengals passing game
  • Brian Billick on how the Bengals will contain Arian Foster and the Texans running game
  • Joe Theismann on how Drew Brees will pick apart the Lions secondary
  • How the Saints will try to defend wide receiver Calvin Johnson
  • 2:00 Warning – Who will be the best wide receiver on Wild Card Saturday


Friday 9:00 PM ET – Wild Card Sunday with Sterling Sharpe, Brian Baldinger, Joe Theismann and Brian Billick

  • Sterling Sharpe on how the Falcons offense will attack the Giants secondary
  • Joe Theismann on why Eli Manning is better than Matt Ryan when throwing in traffic
  • Brian Billick on how the Steelers will shut down quarterback Tim Tebow
  • Who are the unsung heroes on the Steelers offense?
  • 2:00 Warning – Who will be the best quarterback on Wild Card Sunday?


Both episodes of Playbook re-air on Saturday, January 7, with the Wild Card Sunday edition at 10:00 AM ET, followed by the Wild Card Saturday edition at 11:00 AM ET.’s The Season – A Biography: Episode #18 – Tebow Time!


The latest installment of’s The Season – A Biography is available on


With a 7-1 record in eight weeks as the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow led the team into playoff contention and captured the attention of the nation. In the final game of the regular season, Tebow faced former teammate Kyle Orton and the Kansas City Chiefs – the first time in NFL history a quarterback has started for one team and later in the season faced that team in a game as the starting quarterback for the opposing team.


Through a compilation of sports talk shows on television and radio, postgame interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, The Season – A Biography examines the impact Tebow has had and the Broncos heading into their playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.



Green Bay Packers Finish Regular Season No. 1 in’s Power Poll


The defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers made it a wire-to-wire effort, finishing No. 1 in’s Power Poll for the 17th consecutive week.


The New Orleans Saints (No. 2) and New England Patriots (No. 3) remained in their positions from the previous week, while the New York Giants leaped four spots up to the No. 7 spot.


Below are the top 10 teams in the Power Poll, with their previous week’s ranking listed in parentheses:
1. Green Bay Packers (1)

2. New Orleans Saints (2)

3. New England Patriots (3)

T-4. San Francisco 49ers (4)

T-4. Baltimore Ravens (5)

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (6)

7. New York Giants (11)

8. Atlanta Falcons (8)

9. Detroit Lions (7)

10. Cincinnati Bengals (9)


To view the entire poll, visit:





Wednesday, January 4

5:00 PM – Around the League Live

7:00 PM – NFL Total Access

8:00 PM – NFL Replay: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants – Week 17, 2011

9:30 PM – Sound FX: Week 17, 2011

10:00 PM – No Huddle

11:00 PM – NFL Total Access

12 MIDNIGHT – NFL Replay: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants – Week 17, 2011

1:30 AM – Sound FX: Week 17, 2011

2:00 AM – No Huddle


Thursday, January 5

12 NOON – Sound FX: Week 17, 2011

12:30 PM – NFL Replay: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants – Week 17, 2011

2:00 PM – Super Bowl XLIII: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals

2:30 PM – No Huddle

3:30 PM – Sound FX: Week 17, 2011

4:00 PM – NFL Films Presents: It’s Not Gonna Be Pretty

4:30 PM – The Rich Eisen Podcast

5:00 PM – Around the League Live

7:00 PM – NFL Total Access

8:00 PM – Full Game Re-Air: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints – Week 13, 2011

11:00 PM – NFL Total Access

12 MIDNIGHT – Full Game Re-Air: Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals – Week 14, 2011


Friday, January 6

12 NOON – NFL’s Top 10: Return Aces

1:00 PM – Full Game Re-Air: Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals – Week 14, 2011

4:00 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Pittsburgh Steelers

5:00 PM – Around the League Live

7:00 PM – NFL Total Access

8:00 PM – Playbook: Wild Card Saturday

9:00 PM – Playbook: Wild Card Sunday

10:00 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Gunslingers

11:00 PM – NFL Total Access

12 MIDNIGHT – Playbook: Wild Card Saturday

1:00 AM – Playbook: Wild Card Sunday

2:00 AM – NFL’s Top 10: Gunslingers


Saturday, January 7 – Special Live Playoff NFL GameDay Shows

10:00 AM – Playbook: Wild Card Sunday

11:00 AM – Playbook: Wild Card Saturday

12 NOON – NFL GameDay Morning

4:30 PM – Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players: #100-91

5:30 PM – Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players: #90-81

6:30 PM – Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players: #80-71

7:30 PM – NFL GameDay Scoreboard

12 MIDNIGHT – NFL GameDay Final


Sunday, January 8

8:00 AM – Playbook: Wild Card Sunday

9:00 AM – NFL GameDay Morning

1:00 PM – Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players: #70-61

2:00 PM – Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players: #60-51

3:00 PM – Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players: #50-41

4:00 PM – NFL GameDay Scoreboard

8:30 PM – NFL GameDay Final


Monday, January 9

1:00 PM – Around the League Live

6:00 PM – Up to the Minute

6:30 PM – The Coaches Show

7:00 PM – NFL Total Access

8:30 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Toughest Acts to Follow

9:30 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Green Bay Packers

10:30 PM – Sound FX

11:00 PM – NFL Total Access

12:30 AM – NFL’s Top 10: Toughest Acts to Follow

1:30 AM – NFL’s Top 10: Green Bay Packers

2:30 AM – Sound FX


Tuesday, January 10

12 NOON – NFL’s Top 10: Games with Names

1:00 PM – America’s Game: 1981 San Francisco 49ers

2:00 PM – 1981 San Francisco 49ers

2:30 PM – Sound FX

3:00 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Green Bay Packers

4:00 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Toughest Acts to Follow

5:00 PM – Around the League Live

7:00 PM – NFL Total Access

8:00 PM – NFL Replay: TBD

9:30 PM – NFL Replay: TBD

11:00 PM – NFL Total Access

12 MIDNIGHT – NFL Classics: “The Catch” – Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers – 1982 NFC Championship Game

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