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NFL Network’s NFL Replay & Sound FX Schedule

Tuesday, January 22

  • · 8:00 PM ET NFC Championship: San Francisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons (2.5-hour replay)
    • o 49ers’ NaVorro Bowman and Bruce Miller wired for sound
    • o Falcons’ Mike Smith and Todd McClure wired for sound

After falling behind 17-0 in the first half, the San Francisco 49ers outscored the Atlanta Falcons 28-7 the remainder of the game for a 28-24 victory. 49ers running back Frank Gore had two rushing touchdowns on the afternoon:


Wednesday, January 23

  • · 8:00 PM ET AFC Championship: Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots (2.5-hour replay)
    • o Ravens’ John Harbaugh and Ed Reed wired for sound
    • o Patriots’ Devin McCourty and Logan Mankins wired for sound

The Baltimore Ravens scored 21 points in the second half to overcome a six point halftime deficit and defeated the New England Patriots 28-13. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco threw for 240 yards and three touchdowns in the victory:


Thursday, January 24

  • · 8:00 PM ET Sound FX: TNF Special Edition San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens (Week 12, 2011)

Watch an exclusive one-hour “all-sound” version of the 2011 Thanksgiving Thursday Night Football game between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

  • o Produced by NFL Films, the show offers a unique look into the first-ever meeting between NFL head coaching brothers which are now set to face each other in Super Bowl XLVII. More than a dozen players and coaches wired for sound throughout the game.
  • o Additionally, the broadcast includes 17 all-access cameras dedicated capturing sights and sounds from the field, sidelines and coaching booth to bring viewers a multitude of elements that are not provided in a regular NFL broadcast and allow fans to experience the game in a unique way.


  • · 9:00 PM ET Sound FX: Championship Weekend – Includes Wired Sound of Ravens’ Harbaugh and Reed, and 49ers’ Bowman

A compilation of the best on-field sights and sounds from Championship Weekend, featuring wired sound of Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and safety Ed Reed, San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman and fullback Bruce Miller, New England Patriots safety Devin McCourty and guard Logan Mankins, and Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith and center Todd McClure.


  • · 9:30 PM ET NFL Films Presents: Harbaugh Family Roundtable

Filmed in 2009, take a look back as Steve Sabol sits with Jack Harbaugh and his two sons John and Jim to discuss their football lives. John Harbaugh was the coach of the Baltimore Ravens and, at the time, Jim Harbaugh was the head coach of Stanford.


  • · 10:00 PM ET Sound FX: John Harbaugh

A compilation of the best on-field sights and sounds from Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh.


NFL Replay offers an exclusive look at the previous week’s games in a condensed, 90-minute, high-octane format. With the use of bonus NFL Films and NFL Network footage, including never-before-seen camera angles and coaches’ commentary, combined with exclusive wired sound from the field, locker rooms and sidelines, viewers will experience the game like never before.


NFL Game Rewind

Fans can use NFL Game Rewind to replay any of the action from Championship Weekend online and on-demand. NFL Game Rewind delivers to fans in the United States every play of every 2012 NFL Regular Season game in HD and commercial-free, complete with DVR controls (after the game has aired on television). Additionally, NFL Game Rewind provides access to Coaches Film (including the All-22 & High EndZone camera angles), Condensed Games (full games edited to roughly 30 minutes), and archived games ranging from the 2009 season to present day. NFL Game Rewind is also available via the free to download tablet app which includes telestrator functionality for iPad users. Now fans can analyze plays by drawing over a still frame with the touch of a finger and then share their commentary with friends. For more information on NFL Game Rewind, visit



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