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After Last Night’s Selection of Ten New Voices, Each Coach will have to Complete by Next Week the Required 18 Contestants for #TeamRoyce, #TeamTapia and #TeamNatalia

MIAMI – April 14, 2014 – With only one week left to complete the search for the young voices that will make it through the long-awaited “Battle Rounds” on the second season of Telemundo’s “La Voz Kids,” Coaches Prince Royce, Roberto Tapia and Natalia Jimenez wrangled with passion to win the new voices for their teams. The Coaches added a total of 10 new voices during last night’s round of “Blind Auditions,” when the heat was clearly on as all three Coaches turned their chairs simultaneously during five of the musical performances. A total of 46 kids are now in the competition, with the last eight to be selected during next Sunday’s episode of Telemundo’s reality, which is up 16% in total viewers versus season one.


#TeamRoyce added four voices, now with 16 members and only two more needed to complete the team:


KARINA TIRADO, 12 years old, from Humacao, Puerto Rico. This girl whose dream is to become a great artist, likes to sing pop music and wept overwhelmed with emotion at the end of her performance. Karina, who was born with health problems, says that music is her “confidant” and wants to prove that anything is possible in life if you fight for it. The three Coaches turned, and while Natalia said that she sings “marvelously,” it was Prince Royce and his usual charm that won Karina for his team.


JON RIVERA, 13 years old, from Barranquitas, Puerto Rico. He likes to sing salsa and considers himself a humble guy, who finds joy in making people happy, helping others and being an example for other kids. During the last few seconds of his performance, Royce turned his chair saying that his “fans will give Jon great support,” and Jon in turn said that Royce would help him become a “great artist like him.”


GENESIS RODRIGUEZ, 7 years old, from Bell Gardens, California. Of Mexican origin, this young girl likes to sing pop music. The three Coaches turned their chairs and complemented her strong “artistic presence” before she decided to go with #TeamRoyce.


DESTINY RON, 15 years old, from Waukegan, Illinois, likes Regional Mexican music. Last night was the first time she sang in front of a large audience and famous artists. Royce was the only Coach to turn and assured her that she is very talented.


#TeamTapia took three new voices. Now with 15 members, Roberto needs three more to complete his team:


JACKELYN BARRERA, 14 years old, from Roma, Texas. This girl comes from a large family, united by the love of music. She likes to sing Rancheras, and that is why she chose #TeamTapia, although the three Coaches turned their chairs. Together, the audience and the Coaches cheered at the end of her performance, and Natalia said, “It is an honor to have you in any of the teams.”


NATALIA LOYA, 12 years old, from Downey, California, of Mexican descent. She likes Urban and Regional Mexican music. Her grandmother was a songwriter and her musical inspiration. In honor of her grandma, she sang a song by Rocio Durcal, a famed Spanish singer. The three Coaches turned and, after an intense battle between them, she chose #TeamTapia, feeling very confident with her choice. Besides her love of music, she is also very committed to “anti-bullying” causes.


JONATHAN PAGAN, 11 years old, from Caguas, Puerto Rico. This charismatic and cheerful boy also enjoys sports. He loves to sing and dance tropical music and says that his grandmother was the one who discovered his talent for singing. Natalia did not turn her chair thinking that he was a girl, and like Royce, regretted her choice. Tapia happily said, “I was looking for a Puerto Rican singer just like you.”


#TeamNatalia added three voices, now with 15 participants and needing three more for Natalia’s team:


ISAAC JIMENEZ-HERNANDEZ, 13 years old, from Rialto, California. He enjoys pop music and, along with his older brother, has been singing from an early age as part of a church choir. He dedicated his performance to his mother, who is his greatest inspiration and support. This boy, of Mexican origin, managed to make Natalia and Tapia turn their chairs, choosing to be part of #TeamNatalia.


CELESTE LOZANO, 11 years old, from Laredo Texas and of Mexican descent, she loves to sing pop music. Celeste said that the Virgin of Guadalupe gave her the miracle of life, for she was “very sick even before she was born.” Natalia was the only one to turn her chair and was very excited to have her join #TeamNatalia, saying that Celeste’s performance had “impressed her very much, giving her goose bumps.”


GABRIEL MONTAÑEZ, 14 years old, from Pine Hill, New Jersey. For this girl of Mexican origin, “singing is a gift.” Her dream is to become a great artist and to help her family have a better life. The three Coaches pressed the button and the audience gave her a standing ovation. Overwhelmed with her voice, Natalia said, “Together we can achieve victory and win La Voz.”


The “Blind Auditions” phase of “La Voz Kids” ends next Sunday, when coaches fill the 18 spots to complete their teams. Then the “Battles Rounds” will begin, when each coach selects the best voices in confrontations between three kids singing the same song.


“Suelta La Sopa Extra” (10pm/9c), the after-show hosted by Jorge Bernal and Penelope Menchaca, had an exclusive visit by Roberto Tapia. The Mexican music star and Coach of “La Voz Kids, had an emotive moment when he talked about his own kids. Additionally he talked to the hosts about his experience on the reality and his latest album slated for April 22nd.


“La Voz Kids” is a presentation of Talpa Media USA Inc. The show is created by John de Mol, who is the Executive Producer, along with Stijn Bakkers and Katrina Fernandez.


For exclusive access to all the behind-the-scenes action from La Voz Kids, visit and Viewers can also follow the excitement via, and using #LVK, #TeamTapia, #TeamRoyce, and #TeamNatalia.

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