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Starts April 21st, 2012

The Direct Seasons on BBC World News go behind the headlines to explore everyday life in one country.

The suggestion that Poland would become the fastest growing of the 27 EU economies may have raised eyebrows only a few years ago – but that is exactly what happened.  However, there are now signs that the deep problems experienced by Poland’s fellow EU members are beginning to have an impact.    Poland Direct examines how the country is tackling the challenges of transforming a command economy against the backdrop of the economic crisis affecting much of Europe.   Poland Direct meets the people who are making that transformation happen and explores the attractions that could help to make Poland a major tourist destination.

As the country prepares to host the European Football Championships, Poland Direct talk

Programming highlights include:

Working Lives: Krakow

21st April 04:30 17:30 and 22nd April 10:30 23:30

Working Lives takes a handful of working people from a wide cross-section of the workforce and examines where they work, what they earn, how skilled they are and overall what their “working life chances” are.  Kasia Madera travels to Krakow to find out what it’s like to live and work in Poland’s second largest city more than 20 years after the fall of Communism. She begins her journey at the vast Nowa Huta steelworks. The former site of anti communist protests is now owned by an international conglomerate, and she gets an insight into the working life of a steel worker in the hot strip mill.

Back in the medieval city of Krakow, she takes a trip on the tram network that’s at the forefront of the country’s modernisation process with one of the city’s female tram drivers, followed by a 40km journey into the countryside to meet a farmer trying to keep traditional family farms viable in 21st Century Poland. She also meets a council worker who works a 24 hour shift performing a rather unusual historic role at the top of St Mary’s Basilica and gets a taste of working life with one of the countries new breed of wealthy entrepreneurs, the boss of a window company which is forging new markets across Europe.

One Square Mile: Warsaw

21st April 00:30 07:30 and 22nd April 12:30 17:30

One Square Mile: Warsaw

One Square Mile takes the lid off Warsaw.  Exploring one square mile of the Polish capital, this programme follows presenter Paddy O’Connell as he explores a concentrated area of the city and meets local people to find out more about their home.


21st April 03:30, 13:30, 18:30 and 22nd April 06:30

Economically, Poland is gaining strength while its Eurozone neighbours struggle, it is also expecting a big influx of fans for football’s European Championships, and many Jewish people from all over the world are being encouraged to return to trace their roots. Fast:Track travels through Krakow and Warsaw, and then up to Poland’s primeval forest and coast to discover if the country is ready to be a big-hitter in the travel game.

Weekend World: Warsaw

20th April 16:30 19:40 22:40 and 21st April 00:10 07:10 11:10

BBC broadcaster Rajan Datar, presents a special edition of Weekend World from Warsaw.  The programme will include a lively look at BBC World News programmes and a brief snapshot of what’s coming up at the weekend.

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