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Real Housewives and Amazing Race Viewers Most Likely to Discuss TV Shows Online

interclick survey shows TV viewing evolving to a cross-channel experience

NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Couch potatoes are connecting like never before, according to the most recent consumer snapshot survey by interclick inc (NASDAQ: ICLK). The survey, released today, investigates viewing intentions and online activity amid a changing media landscape, looking at device usage, internet engagement, and general viewing behaviors.

The survey shows that 35% of traditional TV viewing time is also spent online via computers, mobile devices and/or tablets, and those most likely to be engaging online over their favorite shows are watching programs like Real Housewives, The Amazing Race, and other reality programs.

Despite their online engagement, these viewers are particularly disenchanted with the fall lineup, reporting low overall anticipation for new episodes of the genre. Instead, viewers can’t wait for the return of NCIS and the National Football League, with crime shows (44%) and sporting events (42%) leading the pack as the most anticipated programs of the fall. These are followed by sitcoms (34%), dramas (22%), game shows (13%) and reality competitions (14%) and shows (9%).

The survey also investigated what viewers are doing online while watching these shows, finding that many engage in activities related to programming. Those who surf the web while watching Fall TV often post reactions to the program (17%), catch up on episodes missed (15%), research a show’s content (10%), and connect with friends watching the same program (17%).

Viewers spend three hours a day on average watching TV during the fall season, and many are rapidly adopting new technologies and changing traditional viewing habits. As eMarketer reports, multi-screen viewing it catching on, with nearly 70 million adults expected to watch TV shows at least once a month through an internet connection, and that number is expected to nearly double by 2015.

In line with those findings, interclick reports that 88% of men and 63% of women are adopting DVR, On-Demand, online stream and mobile devices to catch their favorite shows, likely driven by the convenience of time-shifting features. However, females should close the gap in the coming years, as the difference among the under 35 responders is only 16% (87% men to 71% female).

Those who view TV through non-traditional outlets – Hulu, Netflix, and networks own web sites – tend to watch more new Fall TV per day on average than those who watch only on a traditional TV, and while viewers under 35 are most likely to lead these trends, viewers over the age of 55 are adopting new technologies and adapting viewing behaviors at a higher rate than the 35-54 group.

interclick, in partnership with KN Dimestore, fielded the study in July 2011 to survey more than 3,600 respondents about their viewing intentions and online activity. To view this survey and future audience insight surveys go to:

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