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SOAPnet celebrates the 4th of July with the “Life’s A Beach: Beverly Hills 90210 Independence Day Marathon” on Thursday, July 4 (10:00am-7:00pm ET/PT). The 9-hour marathon centers on everyone’s favorite exclusive hot-spot — the Beverly Hills Beach Club. The sun is shining, the volleyball nets are up, and the drama of being a teenager never stops.




10AM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1992-22 – “Beach Blanket Brandon” – Brenda is shaken by a pregnancy scare and breaks up with Dylan. Brandon gets a job at the Beverly Hills Beach Club.


11AM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1992-23 – “The Party Fish” – Brandon pursues Sandy, a beach club coworker, and to his dismay discovers that she’s involved in an affair with one of the club’s wealthy members.


12PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1992-24 – “Summer Storm” – Kelly goes on a date with an attractive classmate and is hurt when he doesn’t make a move on her. Mr. Walsh agrees to take in Dylan after a surfing accident, but kicks him out when Dylan and Brenda can’t resist each other. With his father’s assets frozen and nowhere else to go, Dylan breaks into the beach club.


1PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1993-50 – “Misery Loves Company” – After finally joining the beach club, Jim and Cindy Walsh discover that Brenda has been meeting with Dylan there against their wishes. After an explosive fight with her father, Brenda packs up and moves in with Dylan. Brandon worries that Andrea’s crush on him will cramp his style at the beach club, but is jealous to see she has moved on.


2PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1993-51 – “The Twins, The Trustee and The Very Big Trip” – Brandon and Steve ask out twins. When Steve attempts to pull a “switcheroo” with the sisters, they plot revenge. Dylan agrees to help convince Brenda to go to Paris for the summer – despite Brenda’s concern about what the distance will do to their relationship.


3PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1993-52 – “Too Little Too Late/Paris 75001” – Brenda and Donna arrive in Paris and miss their respective boyfriends. Andrea’s boyfriend arranges for her to work with him in Houston for the remainder of the summer; Brandon jealously tries to stop her from going with a kiss. Kelly and Dylan flirt in Brenda’s absence.


4PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1993-53 – “Sex, Lies and Volleyball” – Steve’s attractive volleyball tournament partner turns him down to pursue Brandon. Kelly catches David kissing another girl while Donna is in Paris, being wooed into modeling by a French photographer. Kelly and Dylan enjoy each other’s company while Brenda is away.


5PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1993-54 – “Shooting Star/American in Paris” – Kelly feels guilty and tries to avoid Dylan after they’ve kissed, but knowing that Brenda will return soon, the two spend one last night together under the stars on the beach. Brenda meanwhile, spends a romantic day with Rick, an American student visiting Paris.


6PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1993-55 – “Castles in the Sand” – Brandon dumps Brooke for being a racist, elitist anti-Semite. When Brenda returns home, Kelly avoids both her and Dylan. Brenda suspects that Dylan has cheated on her, and they agree to resume their relationship despite her confession about Rick.


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